Waldorf Dolls

This page is a photo gallery of the Waldorf Dolls I have created.  Some of these dolls are for sale, and inquiries should be sent to angelawilh@aol.com.

Bunny was the first 12″ doll I created.  Sadly, she lost her life in a tragic fingernail polish incident.  Only her inner head and hair could be rescued.  My daughter was devastated by the loss, so the first doll I created out of the  eight I cut out, is a new Bunny.



Well, obviously this doll is not for sale.  Her mama is quite delighted to have her back.  I tried a new technique with Bunny’s hair.  Her hair is completely loose- not sewn on at all.  It’s a mixture of wool yarn in two colors and cotton crewel floss for highlights.  I crocheted a cap that is sewn on the child’s head.  Then each individual strand of hair is knotted into the cap.  This gives hair that can be styled in any way imaginable without showing scalp or seams.  I think the only problem is that I put on a little too much hair.  She has a serious Rapunzel “do!”  Note to self: next time, add less hair.


Bunny is wearing a little dress I sewed a couple years ago.  I has a cotton lining with dotted swiss over it, a scoop neck collar ornamented with a self-fabric bow.  All this dress needs is a white leghorn hat, and Bunny is ready for the Sunday School picnic on the lake!

Grandma Mabel – $18.00 + shipping


“Grandma Mabel” is a soft-body doll designed by my daughter and hand sewn by me.  Her blue dress is actually her body, so it is not removable.  The white, eyelet-lace-trimmed apron is attached at the waist.  Her collar is made of the same lace.

Mabel is stuffed with 100% wool batting.  I love the wool batting because it is so soft and yielding.  Wool dolls are very satisfying to hold, but it does mean that the doll is hand wash only and a little more expensive than the ones I stuff with poly-fill.


Mabel’s hair is Lionbrand Homespun yarn in variegated gray and black, styled with a braid circling her head and ending in a bun at the back of her neck.  The hair is sewn on and not stylable.  The fact that the doll’s hair and clothes are permanent make this doll suitable for a small child, though it would be appreciated by any child who loves her grandma!



“Lavender ” was created for my niece, Megan.  Lavender is a full-sized dressable doll with wardrobe.  She has lined satin pajamas, a hoodie t-shirt, funky wide-leg jeans, black corduroy shoes tied with lavender ribbons, a black corduroy mini-skirt, and a long-sleeve knit t-shirt.  Her hair is made of black fun fur with glistening pink threads.  It is permanently styled in two pig-tails.


A Jingle Baby created for my nephew.  I have made eight of these in different colors to give as baby shower presents.  They have always been recieved with pleasure by the moms-to-be!


3 responses

5 03 2009
Linda Miller

Dear Angela & Brenna,

Like everybody else I love your dolls but just find Grandma Mable particularly appealing. Her wide open arms and soft huggable body sound like every childs’ most cherished memories of all of our own Grandmothers. I love her pretty braided hair and wonderful smile. I bet she is going to be a big hit with all your customers. She looks like a wonderful and very lovable doll for all the world today.

Love and hugs,

16 03 2009

The new one is cute as can be! Yes, I suppose you might use less “hair” next time, but I’d say, just name her “Rapunzel” and leave her as she is!

Have you tried e-bay?

17 03 2009
Linda Miller

Dear Angel and Brenna,

Your newest “Bunny” is totally adorable. Brenna is obviously beaming about having her back in her arms again. I am pleased to see that you’ve been able to re-create her again and I think her hair is adorable. It looks like it would be lots of fun to style for the little ones. I know how much she has been missing Bunny and hope nothing sad happens to this one.

Much love and hugs,

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