Stop Hunger Now!

9 08 2008

Tonight was the last night of vacation bible school.  As our missions focus, we participated in a program called Stop Hunger Now!  They brought a truck to the church & the kids got to mix up the meals their donations paid for!  One child held a bag under a funnel.  Others took turns pouring in a measure of TVP (texturized vegetable protein), dehydrated vegetables, chicken flavoring powder & vitamins, and rice.  Each bag fed six for 20 cents a meal.

Our children’s competition was hot & heavy, and we ended up collecting money for about 5,000 meals to go to Haiti.  Brenna was a bag-holder, Michael helped scoop ingredients, Donal manned a scale making sure each bag was the correct weight of rice, and I helped a group of Patrick and five other toddlers get most of the ingredients into 25 bags.  Even with a 1to 1 teacher/toddler ratio, an awful lot of stuff flew into the air or landed on the floor.  The kids loved it.

There were children sealing bags, mixing bags, packing bags in boxes, and loading boxes in the truck.  It was an incredible fund-raising experience for children.  It’s so hard for them to see how giving their money helps someone in a far-away country, but tonight they really experienced what missions is all about.  They even got to try some of the rice meal.  It was good enough that even though the kids were also served cupcakes and juice, some of them asked for seconds.

I am really impressed with our children’s pastor for coming up with this fabulous missions idea.  Go Karen!!




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9 08 2008

Too late for me to have been there — but I wish I had! Sounds like a great project! I’ve had enough experience in packing stuff that would go to other countries that I know it’s absolutely essential that the contents be exact. Congratulations on a super, workable plan — even including toddlers! And even the ants must have gotten their share?

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