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4 08 2008

My family is having trouble sleeping.

It’s 11:00.  D has a headache.  Patrick keeps getting up and trying to convince me to share my bed.  N is crashing on the couch for the fourth night in a row.  He doesn’t sleep well there.  He won’t sleep in his room because his room is such a mess we can’t put the enzyme cleaner on the parts the cat peed on.  So it’s a mess and it stinks.  If he were my child, I would force him to clean his room so I could treat the problem.  But he’s my husband, so what can I do?  I would clean it for him, but his room is jam packed full of stuff I’m not allowed to throw away, sort, touch, file, or wash.  And I’ve nagged him about so many things lately, I’m almost afraid to start in on his room.

Answer me this: how come Neal is such a mess, but his dresser is always so tidy?  And I’m generally tidy but my dresser looks like I just stuffed everything in the drawers without completely opening them (I did)?

Bren and I went to set up for VBS at our church tonight.  I’m the games mistress.  Our first game, tomorrow night, involves filling a swimming pool with super bubble solution.  Have you ever mixed eight gallons of bubble solution?  I have.  You use a hula hoop to pull a bubble up out of the pool large enough for a child to stand INSIDE.  Cool!!!  I just hope no one falls off the concrete block in the middle of the pool and takes a dip in the bubble gunk.

I made black bean chili in the crock pot this morning before church.  It was lovely to come home to a hot lunch.  I would like to develop the discipline to do this every week.  Much cheaper than eating out, which I also always feel guilty about.  Isn’t it depriving someone of the chance to rest & attend church on Sunday if I go to a restaurant directly after church & demand lunch?  Find this attitude difficult to reconcile in many passionate church-goers who are also passionate Sunday lunchers.

The writer’s group I belong to is stressing me out.

I have accomplished our first week of school.  It went well.  I love the Teaching Textbooks.  Actually, I love all my curriculum.  Homeschool would be marvelous fun if there just weren’t so many children involved!  If it weren’t for all the whiners, I would be having a great time.  I started requiring them to write their spelling words in lower case letters unless the word needed to be capitalized, and you would have thought I was Torquemada breaking out the thumbscrews.  In retaliation for all the whining and griping, I have printed out handwriting pages so they can practice writing all of last week’s words five times each in lower case letters.  Ha ha ha ha!  I can hear the wailing now….

My husband went out and bought a new hummingbird feeder and two bird feeders.  He’s keeping them filled all on his own.  I love it.  I never have to even think about feeding the birds, but I get to watch them all day from my kitchen and bedroom window.  Why does he do some things (filling feeders, mowing grass, cleaning out ashes, polishing shoes) on his own, and is, in fact, nearly compulsive about them, when other things just as easy (putting away food when done eating, putting dirty laundry in hamper, throwing dirty diapers in trash, checking oil in cars) he nearly NEVER does?

Neal started a batch of mead today, and helped Donal start another one.  They were both somewhat annoyed with me for cluttering up the sink with mixing eight gallons of bubble concoction.  But mead-making apparently takes HOURS, and I got tired of waiting for them to finish.

Must put the freaky little kitty to bed and go to sleep myself.  School tomorrow- only 35 weeks to go.  Ack.




2 responses

4 08 2008

Homeschool would be marvelous fun if there just weren’t so many children involved!

Ha! I can relate to that thought. 🙂 If it were just buying curriculum and setting up neat schedules…oh well, a girl can dream, eh?

Your new kitties are so cute, makes me want another one myself. I have to resist, though, or we won’t be able to pay the bills. 🙂

9 08 2008


Why is your writer’s group stressing you out? Your work easily stacks up to anyones. I was in a writer’s group briefly (not @ the Rock) and while helpful, some members came with their own agenda, sometimes at the expense of others creativity. But if we hadn’t moved I would have stayed with it.

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