Hadassah and Ginger

31 07 2008

Her name is Hadassah, and she is a beautiful cat!  I gave in to temptation and went back to the shelter and picked her up.  She is beautiful, long-haired with a full, almost bushy tail that she waves like a fox’s.  She hopped in my lap while I was working on the computer last night, and she slept with me a goodly portion of the night.  The kitten was exiled to a bathroom for wetting Neal’s bed and playing with everything that could make an annoying noise.  But Hadassah was a perfect lady.

She has been calm and accepting with the other cats, neither of which has returned her graceful sentiments.  Nutmeg covered herself in dishonor by running away from the kitten.  The kitten, Ginger, is a tiny holy terror, and I may regret rescuing her.  My parents have always claimed that I was bad at choosing cats.  This time, I chose the good one, and the kids chose the nutty animal that climbs everyone’s clothing and tries to pry up the air-conditioning vents so she can crawl down in the ducting.  Sheesh.




One response

31 07 2008
Linda Miller

Dear Angel,

Hadassah sounds like a total treasure. You certainly have earned a wonderful jewel of a pet and she sounds as though she is going to appreciate the lovely lady who rescued her.

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply but it is just a terribly busy time for us in several different ways. Dad & I have recently gone to Dr. Rulli for adjustments and I’m wonderfully improved already. Dad is continuing treatments weekly and improving too. Last weeks treatment left him feeling as if he were run over by a truck and needing a day off work to recover. This time Dr. Rulli took it a little bit easier.

Work continues to press in with little help from some of his clients. Sigh…

Congrats on learning to pick so well.

Love & hugs,

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