Cat adoption

30 07 2008

We surrendered Tutter to the Animal control people today.  Always very sad.  But we also picked up a little calico kitten about three months old.  The children have christened her Ginger, and Ginger is back in Neal’s room settling in with her litter box and kitten food.

I took the kitten into Neal’s work with me when I went to drop off his glasses.  He had claimed he wasn’t ready to adopt another cat yet. (You don’t want to feel like replacing an animal like a burnt out light bulb.)  But when I put that little kitten in his lap, he warmed up pretty quickly.  It pitoned its way up his shirt and perched precariously on his shoulder mewing in his ear.  When I left he told me to put the new kitty in his room.  The official excuse is so he can supervise its introduction to our remaining cat, Nutmeg, but I think we all know the truth of the matter.  My husband adores cats.

I was disappointed that the children chose the calico kitten.  There was a beautiful long-haired marmalade cat I wanted very badly.  She was a young mama whose kittens had already all been taken.  She was sweet and gentle, and very lovely.  I am sorely tempted to go back for her.  After all, Tutter was my companion.  He kept my feet warm in the winter.  When Neal was away, he guarded me.  Any time I got up in the night, he walked beside me wherever I went.  While my husband was snoring, Tutter got up with me for night nursing, nightmares, snack runs on the kitchen, and all nocturnal potty breaks.  I like to maintain this attitude that the cats are really Neal’s and only dwell in my house by sufferance, but I think I’m going to miss Tutter.  Now Neal has Nutmeg, always his favorite, the kids have Ginger and the parakeets Snowflake and Bluebell, Mike has his African aquatic frog, and I have… well, where’s my pet?

I didn’t really want a pet when I had a baby.  Babies are exhasting and take all your time and love and snuggles.  There is very little left over for a pet.  But now, my baby is going on three, and I could use something warm and affectionate to brush and pet and pamper.  Maybe I will go back for her.  How does Sheba sound for a name?  Or maybe Shadassa.




3 responses

31 07 2008

Shadassa? That is different. I say go ahead get yourself a pet, everyone knows who ultimately takes care of the animals anyway. You can’t help that…It has been going on since parents started letting their children have pets. What’s one more?

Love ya.

13 12 2008

Interesting, your choice of Shadassa. As far as I know, I think I invented that name for a book character… Stuck it into Behind the Name for fun, and thought no more of it. Good to see it’s in use…

15 12 2008

Actually, the cat’s name is Hadassah, named after Esther in the bible (her original name was Hadassah). So as far as I know, you still have first dibs on the Shadassah thing!

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