Will be out for a while!

21 07 2008

We’re leaving for my in-law’s tomorrow morning.  We’ll be there a week for VBS at their church and general visiting.  So I won’t be posting much.

I’m very itchy- I think maybe I had a mild allergic reaction to the yellow-jacket stings.

I just finished writing a three-page detailed plot outline for a book I want Neal and I to write together.  If he doesn’t read it while I’m gone, he’s going to be in trouble when I get home!  We’ve been working on this plot since Patrick was a tiny baby, and I’ve done a good deal of pre-writing work.  Picked out the time period, the location, lots of character names… Neal helped me work out the plot.  I’ve written three or four trial chapters, only one of which I think we’ll use, and I’m ready to go.  Let’s get this puppy rolling, right?  I really wish I could publish excerpts on this blog.  Any one who’s interested can email me, and I’ll send you some of what I’m working on.  Michael P. has seen one of my old beginnings, but I have an all-new beginning for it.  Much better, I think.

See ya in a week!




One response

27 07 2008


Yes, I want to see the excerpts. I had read the original and really hoped you had revisited it and revised it. Your prolific creativity continues to insprie me. Hey, did you revise and submit the story about fairies? Looking forward to that.


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