Yellow Jackets

19 07 2008

Setting up for Mike’s birthday party, and I just got swarmed by yellow jackets.  The bible got it wrong- the enmity isn’t between me and snakes.  Snakes keep their distance.  It’s the insect world that’s getting ground under my heel.

Last month it was cockroaches keeping me awake crawling in my hair.  Then it was spiders (I still have one hanging out in the window with it’s big fat black body.  When you knock a spider off it’s web and you can hear it hit the floor, that spider is too big.)  Now yellow jackets.

It’s been a while since I was stung.  It’s easy to forget how much they hurt.  The first one hit the back of my leg and I jerked and hollered.  I thought at first it was a biting fly.  Then one stung my hand and I looked up and realized what was happening.  Screamed at Donal to run, which he sensibly did.  We flew for the back door and it was locked.  Both gates out of the back yard are generally chained to keep the little ones in, so we thought we were trapped.  Donal started turning on the hose to try to hose them off of me, because they were crawling on my clothes.  Then I noticed the patio gate was unchained and we made for the front yard.

As we ran, I felt a sting on my head, reached up and realized I couldn’t knock the wasp off because it was tangled in my hair.  This was the point at which I panicked and started screaming. I unclipped my hair and flipped it upside down and D shoved me in the sprinkler and I got stung again on the leg and was knocking them off my shorts and screaming like a maniac when the cavalry (Neal) arrived.  He went through all my hair and got me inside and stripped.  He stomped on my clothes and did a more thorough search of my hair for me.  I love my husband.  Donal definitely deserves a lot of credit, too, for some excellent crisis thinking with turning on the sprinkler and pushing me into it when I started freaking out.

Now Neal is outside nuking the nest with some sort of poison. Birthday plans may have to be moved inside, which is a pity.  Neal made a zip-line for M’s Go Diego Go! party.  We had planned a snake pit challenge, a big black spider to fight (constructed out of lawn and leaf bags and some wire), a tracking challenge, and two animals to rescue.  Unfortunately the zip line and two of the challenges are right beside the wasp nest.

(Neal just sprayed the spider in my window with wasp killer and I am averting my eyes from it’s death throes.  At least, I hope they are death throes.  There’s a smaller, but very similar spider in the window too.  A male?  Were they planning on starting a little spider civilization in my bedroom window?  Um… NOT.)

I came out of this much better than Neal did the time he was transplanting an azalea and punched his shovel right through the yellow jacket nest.  He was a mess.  I’m just a little ouchy.  Waaa!




2 responses

21 07 2008

Holy Macaroni!!! I can relate. Yellow jackets sting like crazy and they can sting more than once unlike their cousins the honey bee. FYI you must shower and change your cloths or they will bug you all day because evidently they give off a hormone when they sting and it calls for help even after the crises is over.

Love ya, I hope you feel better.

21 07 2008

Oh ow!! Wasps and yellow jackets are among my biggest bug phobias. I can’t imagine…’s making my skin crawl just to think of what you described. Eeek!

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