New link- very funny blogger!

4 07 2008

Dang! I WISH I could figure out how to do a link. Becky sent me this lady’s blog address, and it’s well worth a visit. She’s funnier than I am (by a long shot). Here’s an excerpt of one of her “random thoughts” blogs, written right after the NCHE homeschooling conference:

“•David Cook won American Idol! (And there was very great rejoicing…)

• Which line makes me remember that at the NCHE convention someone was selling ukeleles and many young men, perhaps hoping to be the next Jason Castro, were strolling/sitting/standing around plinking and plunking on the dang things just to annoy me.

•And when I saw my third batch of ukelele players in one short morning I could only think this: “Then the winter came, and they were forced to eat Sir Robin’s minstrels. And there was great rejoicing.”

•Sir Robin’s minstrels probably tasted better than the food sold at the concession stand at the convention center.

•In a sudden burst of brain waves I figured out last week why some people in our family think Natalie looks like David Cook.”

Check her out at




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10 07 2008

Eeekk…how embarrassing! After your very nice comment on my blog I came over here and found your wonderful blog, and in the middle of it there was…this. (I am about sixty-five shades of red right now, and I swear it’s blushing not hot flashes.)

Now I know why my sitemeter got so many hits I didn’t recognize. Thanks so much for posting the link; that was very nice of you!


14 07 2008
Luke Holzmann

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