What I’m good at, and why I have potential.

26 06 2008

“Remember to look at the things that you are doing right. I challenge you to make a list of THOSE things next. Love ya” – Coni

I spent twenty minutes trying to think of a list of things I do right.  I couldn’t get much past things like: naps well, puts on her socks right side up, can type 66 WPM.

So I thought maybe I’d make a list of what other people think I do right.  I make no guarantee, you understand, that any of these people may not be prejudiced by blood connection or past favors received.  Some of them are not firing on all four cylinders, some are eccentric, and a few names have been changed because the people being quoted don’t want any lawsuits as a result of this blog.

Things Angela Does Well:

According to Lisa #1, I bake nice cakes, know how to make children happy, and throw good parties.

Lisa #2 claims I keep her grounded (fortunately she’s not a pilot) and don’t burst into tears when she beats me at Phase 10.  She also likes my cooking, even though she & Tony are quite good cooks also.

Donal says I am the best mommy ever and loves to hear me read out loud.

Brenna enjoys laying on my squashy belly for long hugs and says I am the best back scratcher.

Michael prefers my goodnight kisses and peanut butter sandwiches to his dad’s.  Aside from those two things, I am fairly certain he likes Brenna better than me in every way.

Neal thinks I am a good cook and really, really good at… well, you probably don’t want to know what my husband thinks I’m good at.  But he does claim that it makes up for a lot of my flaws.

My mother-in-law appreciates the way I let my children get dirty.

My mother thinks I’m an excellent writer and if she had the ability to pass out the Nobel prize for literature, I’d be a shoe-in.  She also thinks I’m artistic and raise nice children, although she has occasionally differed with my methods in accomplishing that.

Lisa #4 Says I’m incredibly generous and spiritually perceptive.  That’s a pretty good one, whether I deserve it or not.

Eric told me once that Neal and I were valuable because we’re humble people, which from him is extraordinarily high praise.

Edith has publicly stated that I am the “sweetest thing,” and “a precious, precious person,” but she tells every body that.

Ruthie says I’m doing a good job of raising my kids.  She also praised my meatloaf.  Ruthie is a fabulous cook- the best cook I’ve ever met.  So if she said my meatloaf was good, it was GOOD.  You can take that one to the bank.

The Rock Writer’s Guild all said I was an incredibly talented writer.  They said that over and over until I began to believe them and have tiny amounts of faith in myself.

Joyce & Wayne said we were good neighbors, but I think I’m starting to stretch here…

I’ve also been told thousands of times that I have “great potential.”  I hope that when I die, my tombstone doesn’t say, “She had great potential.”  That would be sad.  Some day I would like to do something great, so that I use up some of that potential and don’t have a lot of it left over, sitting around mildewing in my closet when I kick the big one.  Perhaps I could will it to an orphanage in Taiwan and let them chop it up and pass it out to some of those poor street kids that people pass over like they were garbage because they think they have no potential at all.  Why am I so rich in potential when so many people are in such lack?  And what the heck do you do with potential, anyway?  It makes me self-concious, walking around with all this potential showing.

That’ll give you something to think about.




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26 06 2008

Hi Angela!
Potential! Reminds me of Energy. You know — there’s Kinetic energy — the moving around kind. And there’s the Potential kind. It’s like the energy locked away in a piece of coal.

If I make a list of what you’re good at, you’d just go around with a swelled head. So I’ll just say — no need to look elsewhere, when there’s SO MUCH GOOD in the real you! congratulations on being Angela. Nobody else can be who you are!

Love ya,

27 06 2008

I am proud of you girl.

27 06 2008

Here goes my first attempt at blogging!!!

It has been my observation that you don’t know what your self worth is until after the fact.

We have a saying in engineering “It’s hard to stay focused on draining the swamp when you are up to your neck in alligators”.

When I got out of college I knew I had a collection of engineering tools and I knew I didn’t know how to use them well. So I kept looking for an experienced engineer to teach me. I kept looking and kept looking. After about twelve years I realized I had become the engineer I was looking for. Pretty good, huh??

When I started my business I didn’t know if we would last more than six months. Here it is eight years later. I have never gone into debt. We never market. Clients call up and give us work. We haven’t been sued for an error. Guess I have done pretty good??

Your Mom and I used to stress out about how well we were doing raising the four of you. When we look at how you are all doing now, we give ourselves a pat on the back. Guess we did pretty good again??

The point is, don’t let the alligators get you down. When everything is said and done and you can look back. You’ll see that you have done pretty good!!


27 06 2008
Linda Miller

Hi Sweet Lady,

You take the ticket on all things to do with the heart of your home; reading stories that everybody loves to listen to, making fabulous meals, with little time & money but so much love for seasoning that your family all treasure suppertimes. You’ve a gifted artist and a wonderful writer; who does indeed deserve the Nobel Prize for your ability to see into all of our hearts and then transcribe what you find into stories and blogs that make us laugh or cry with you. I don’t know anyone who gives so freely of their body, mind and heart to make all of us feel treasured.

All my love,

30 06 2008

You forgot funny. when you write I know you are serious or trying to be but the way you say things is hilarious.I love to read you. Example: It makes me uncomfortable walking around with my potential Showing. Well I guess I am pretty lucky to have a friend like you considering I am so mean and all. Love ya see ya Sat.

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