Moving, dieting, sister visiting, smoke…

15 06 2008

We unpacked the moving pod today.  Neal assembled some utility shelves in the dining room & I started putting school books & stuff out.  The children were overjoyed to see so many of their long-lost toys.  Some of them they haven’t seen since LAST July!  I spent nearly an hour tonight chasing all the little toy parts and pieces into separate bins and racking them in Pat & Mike’s closet.  I’ll probably have to repeat the process tomorrow.

I am three days into a diet and averting my eyes from the scale.  I want so much to be losing weight, but looking in the mirror, I can’t see any difference.  Personally, I think that when you announce “I’m on a diet” your body should automatically drop two pounds just to encourage you.  There’s nothing worse than being good for a week and discovering you gained half a pound.

Anyhow- I’m using this cute on-line food logging program called NutriDiary.   I’ll stick it in my links for you in case you’re interested.  It reminds me of the line from “The Curse of the Were Rabbit” when Wallace says, “If I must lose weight, at least let me do it in my own way…. with technology!”   So I’m having fun with my technology, whether or not it is working.

The basic level is free.  You weigh & measure yourself, give it your height and general level of slothfullness, and it figures out how many calories you need in a day.  Then you tell it how fast you want to lose weight and it subtracts some.  For each day, you put in what you eat.  It has a big database of a lot of foods.  I had to enter the nutrition info for my favorite baked beans (they didn’t have a fat-free variety), but my favorite cereal (Kashi Strawberry Fields) was already present in the system.  Oddly enough, they didn’t have a listing for scrambled eggs, so I had to put fried egg and add a tablespoon of milk.

It will track not only calories, but percentages of particular nutrients.  My cholesterol is excellent so I eat real butter, whole milk, and eggs, but if you’re on a cholesterol restricted diet, it will track it.  Or sugar restrictions, or whatever.  If you tell it you excercised, what you did & how long, it gives you extra calories.  Which is cool.  And once you’ve built up a history it puts up all kinds of charts and graphs of your progress.  So far, I have managed to keep well under my calorie limit for each day.  It’s fun- encouraging to see that even if I blow it and eat an entire mixing bowl of popcorn in the afternoon, that I haven’t necessarily overdone the day.  I don’t get so mad at myself.  And if I don’t lose weight after a week (my goal is 1 pound a week), I’ll know all I need to do is change my activity level or something.  It’s cool.

General Status:

I have wallpapered half my room, mailed our Father’s Day cards three days late, lost 0 pounds, yelled at my kids once today, finally mailed a congratulation note to my brother who got engaged LAST EASTER, and finished my current book: Ellery Queen’s “The Roman Hat Mystery.”  My favorite mystery writer is still Rex Stout.  Archie Goodwin is the most charming smart-aleck I have ever met.  We’re reading “The Hobbit” to the children as our family book right now.  We’ve gotten past chapter four, and they’re enjoying it very much.  Our last book, “The Ladies of Missalonghi” had more racy parts than I remembered and I had to do a bit of editing on the fly!

My sister is coming to see me next week!  La la la la la!  My daughter is also turning nine next week.  At least three girls are coming to her party.  We’re going to try to make petits-fours for her cake and have a tea luncheon.  Elizabeth says she will bring her tea-party dress.  Perhaps I can get the skirt I am making finished in time to wear it.

Did you guys hear about the forest fire they had on the coast near us?  If you call 150 miles away near, that is.  Wednesday the smoke was so thick in town you could barely breathe.  At times you couldn’t see across the street.  Neal said the fire had burned down into the peat layers on the forest floor and it made a thick, choking smoggy smoke.  I can’t imagine what the smoke must have been like nearer the fire.  It’s an aspect I never considered about the wild fires they have out west.




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15 06 2008

Hi Angela,
the internet has been dropping me at the most inopportune times! I was typing in a comment about your blog, and it went off line as I started to send it!

Windy, I guess!

Don’t worry about what the scales are saying! Just be grateful for a half pound at a time. You can’t have that much to lose, and it goes slower as the goal gets closer. Is there a sermon in that?

South Beech says only once-a week is better. I hear that other regimens say once a month! I don’t think I could stand the suspense!

Glad you got the pod delivered and the stuff unpacked. I have been marveling at the resilience of your kids making up their substitute toys as they waited for their old ones to show up. I remember that you hadn’t found the box where they were packed! Must have been Christmas and birthday all rolled up together!

Enjoy your time with Elizabeth. Yum! The petit-fours sound like a delicious adventure! Do you think the girls would like to have party hats (as in real ladies’ hats) and white gloves for their tea party?


15 06 2008

PS: I sent this one without proofing it. I meant to say —
South Beech says only once-a week weigh-in is better. I hear that other regimens say once a month! I don’t think I could stand the suspense!

Do you think the girls would like to have party hats (as in real ladies’ hats) and white gloves for their tea party? [I have these from my Mother-in-law, who LOVED hats and gloves]

16 06 2008
Linda Miller

Hi Angel,

Brenna’s Tea/Birthday Party sounds wonderful. I’ll bet that will be so much fun for all of you. E’s going to be there, also. I think Doris’s idea about the fancy hats and gloves sounds delightful. I don’t know if she still has them but E loves big flowing hats and might have some to contribute to the occasion.

Yes we did know about your forrest fire. One day early last week there was enough smoke to burn my eyes when I went out for Dad’s lunch. We didn’t know where it was coming from until we heard the news. What a sad miserable way to loose more of our forrest.

Sounds like you’re keeping seventeen balls in the air with great skill, as usual. Much love, Mom

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