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9 06 2008

I only have five minutes before I take Bren to drama camp, Mike to the Pediatrician (to have his ears & hearing check for the fourth time- hoping for a good report!), Donal to scouts, fly by Wal-mart for desperately needed groceries, and attend a parent’s meeting for B’s drama camp.  Whew.

BUT… I wanted to mention a couple new things posted in my Links.  I posted a link to Lisa’s handmade note cards.  These are the beautiful, personal cards I send to everyone & you can look at her designs on line.

There’s a new link (Jane of All Trades) to another Lisa I love, and a link to Mind Flights, a Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy magazine!  Very cool- I’ve been reading a few of their stories & I have (gulp) decided to submit one, too.

I’m going to submit a little story about Fairies that I wrote to answer one of Abbye’s guild assignments a couple of years ago & never turned in.  It sort of answers the question of, if there WERE fairies in God’s universe, what would they really be?   So I am both nervous and excited about making my first ever submission.  Now all I need to do is find the story.  I’m sure it must be in one of these boxes.  Or under the bed.  Or in my filing cabinet.  Or somewhere.  Hmmm….

Maybe y’all should be praying for me more.




One response

10 06 2008
Linda Miller

Dear Angel,
How did Mike’s 4th ear exam turn out? Has he lost some of his hearing as you were conderned? I’m pretty sure Brenna’s dramma camp and Donal’s scouts have gone well but am worried about Mike. Take it as easy as you can on yourself, my girl. Nobody could possibly be doing a better job of filling your shoes. I hope you can locate the Fairies story, it sounds perfect for their publication.
Love & Hugs

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