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14 05 2008

Almost ready to move!  We should be in the new house by Friday night.   The workmen came over yesterday and installed the door between the den & my room.  They also installed the piece of carpet that Neal and I cut down from the living room rug.  He said we did a decent job of cutting it, and it looks pretty good now, so I’m satisfied.  Things are really shaping up!

I have been browsing online sites for Victorian lace curtains for my room.  I want a little wicker chair with a foot rest to sit beside my desk so people can come and plop themselves in it and talk to me.  I’m setting up a beautiful desk area to write at, and it will be OFF LIMITS to anyone but me!  Neal will have his own desk for his laptop in his room, and the children’s computer will be in the dining room.  We are following advice that says never to let children have an internet connection somewhere private.  They also will not be getting bedroom phones.

Donal has had some visible results from his first chiropractic appointment & is going back today.  Very excited!  Pat goes in for his first MMR today.  I have stretched it out… they usually give it at one year old, and I have managed to delay it until 2 and a half.  I pray he will do well and not experience any problems as a result of the shot.  I am blessed that the pediatrician’s group here is not evil about vaccinations.  They want me to be “informed” about the shots, which means I have to read their little hand-out, and then I’m allowed to sign a refusal form for any vaccinations I don’t want.  This is important, as they are adding new vaccines all the time.  The number they give now is incredible.  In total disregard of all the studies, they continue to insist that vaccinations are completely safe for tiny babies and will now give six or seven shots, loaded with two or three (or in some cases a hundred or more) disease organisms for their little immune systems to process.  Considering that their immune function is not fully operational until they’re two years old, this seems crazy to me.  Not to mention all the poisonous stuff they have to put in the shots as preservatives and binders.

Still, I can’t quite go with the really severe and not vaccinate my children at all.  It’s so hard to sort through all the information and decide what to do… but I do get mine done for Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio, and the Hib shot, which is supposed to be the safest of all the shots.  I can only hope I am doing the right thing.

We’re doing the groceries and the library, the pediatrician and the chiropractor today, so I had better run.




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19 05 2008

Hey, Angela! So – I’m one of the “really severe” who will never vaccinate my children – I think it totally goes against the way God created our bodies to work and the thought of injecting my babies – at any age – with the poison in vaccines goes against every maternal instinct in me. It is a personal decision and a very difficult one to make for sure – I would never feel disdain for anyone who makes the choice to vaccinate their children – it’s just a personal conviction of ours.

Anyway – miss you terribly! We would love to see you and the family sometime!

26 05 2008

Hi Angela, I am missing you. I think you must be very busy moving in your new place. Can’t wait to hear your adventures.

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