Blah day

9 05 2008

I’m sick.

It’s raining.

The grass in the yard is almost three feet high.

The grass in the other yard is almost two.

We can’t install the carpet.

My kitchen is filthy.

The ants are invading my bed.

The kids are running water all over the bathroom floor.

I have two grocery bags of meat from the butcher I have to de-skin, de-fat and freeze today.

I am tired of painting trim.

We are beginning to pack for the move, and we are scrambling to finish the house at the same time.

My rent is now 5 days late & counting…

My hair has finally grown below my shoulders and the super-fine stuff is breaking and snarling.  I MUST get it cut.  I hate getting my hair cut.  I have never, never, never found a style that looked good.  I liked pinning it up, but I can’t brush it!  I hate my hair.

I hate my life today.

I have no clean underwear so I can’t get dressed.  I feel sloppy in my robe.

Blessings?  Bleagh.

Ok- I know I have blessings.  New house!  New car!  Money in the bank, friends, relations, health, religious freedom, internet connection, great opportunity…

What I need now is for my children to go AWAY for a couple of days so I can enjoy them!

Wait….  I guess my children are a blessing, too.  But after the soft-boiled egg crisis, and the milk crisis, and the laundry crisis, and the water on the bathroom floor crisis, and the we-don’t-want-to-clean-again crisis, I am about ready to lock them all in their rooms for the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, they don’t all have rooms.

It is 9:25 on Friday morning, and I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this day.  Oh, and I just looked in the dining room and can now add the egg-all-over-the-tables-floor-and-wall crisis.


Sometimes keeping my temper stinks.




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