5 05 2008

I need to post a correction of my MSG post- modified corn starch (found as the 2nd ingredient in Cheerios) does NOT contain MSG.  MSG is a protein, and could be found in modified corn protein, not starch.  So I incorrectly gave Cheerios a bad rap with that- on the other hand, Cheerios contains a preservative that is an industrial cleaner, so you might want to consider that!




One response

5 05 2008

Hey we are all OK. You bless your food don’t you! so with that if we happen to miss a little MSG aspartame( I think that is how it’s spelled ) We have already asked God to bless it therefore we are blessed. We are blessed when we get up when we go out and we come in and……you know the rest. I appreciate the info tho. Ever since you told me about aspartame I look for it and guess what….. It is in No fat yogurt but is NOT in LOW fat yogurt. Go figure.

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