Bible reading & new paint

5 05 2008

Hey!  I found a nice bible reading checklist on the web this morning.  I tried to put it on my page as a link, but I’m not sure where it will appear.  We could have an easter egg hunt to find it!  I wish I could figure out how to make words in my posts active so you can click on them & go there, but alas, my technical capability has not yet advanced that far.

I think this bible checklist will be valuable for me.  I like to read the bible out of order, randomly, and sometimes upside down and backwards.  (Literally backwards- I find something I like and then I keep reading what was before it, and what was before that… )  This way maybe I can see the parts I’m neglecting.  Also Christian people seem to keep score.  “Well, I’ve read the bible thus and such many times…”  I think they’re expecting bible-reading pins on their robes in heaven.  I think some people will clank when they walk.

New house news:  Neal finally (after much nagging) rollered my paint.  I really wanted to see how it would look- if the green I chose was dingy or looked ok with the woodwork.  It looks really nice.  It’s more yellow than an olive green and looks cheerful.  It looks really beautiful with the paper I chose and I can’t wait to get it up.  I finally pinned Neal down about decorating his room.  We’re going to paint it a light tan, kind of an oatmeal color, and put up lots of framed prints of waterfalls and mountains and sunsets in black frames.  I think it will be kind of sophisticated looking.

The other rooms are looking lovely, but we discovered some water damage in the bathroom that somehow got missed in the inspection.  Just what I wanted- to have to rip out another bathroom wall.

A lady came up to me after church yesterday and said she had read my MSG post, which was really nice!  I love finding out that some of the people I’m giving my blog address to are actually visiting me!  Welcome.

Well, now that I have this nifty little checklist, I must go use it.  Check out the Blue Line Bible link on my blog roll- I like this site for online bible reading.




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