A vision of the REAL last supper

26 04 2008

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a vision (I suppose you would call it a vision- I wasn’t asleep, so it certainly wasn’t a dream!) I had a few years ago.  Well- a few?  Mike and Pat hadn’t been born yet.

This vision was shown to me the last day I was really tempted to commit suicide (a story in itself).  But after I had been released from the spirits of suicide that were tempting me (I really think there were more than one because I actually heard them talking to each other at one point!) I saw a picture of something that is mentioned in the bible as the marriage supper of the lamb.

Apparently after Judgement Day is over, there’s going to be a feast.  Rather like a reception in heaven, I guess.  A terrifically gifted teacher at The Rock, Eric Flore, said this gathering was going to be a time when a lot of the first were going to be last, the last first, and a number of people surprised to find out where they fall in the ranking!

So in this vision, I was standing near a huge table.  It stretched on nearly as far as I could see to my left and as far as I could see to my right.  There was something of an argument going on way up at the head of the table on the left.  A number of people were arguing about where they were going to sit.  Popes and such, I think.  Important people.  And they all wanted to sit near enough to the head of the table that they could talk to Jesus.  I was rather disappointed at this, because I could see that all the people in the seats to my left were really people who had given greatly for God’s kingdom.  There were martyrs there, and saints.  I expect Mother Teresa was around somewhere, but I didn’t see her.  I knew I hadn’t a chance of getting close enough to the head of the table to see Himself.

Down the table to my right, the seats had less and less honor, until you got to the foot of the table.  The people down there were fairly happy.  Each one of them could have qualified for a T-shirt that said, “Lord, I’m just glad I GOT here!”  They were not going to kick up a fuss about where they had been seated!  And there were some seats saved among them for some of the people in the argument at the head of the table.

I was standing there wondering where on the scale of honor to dishonor I was going to have to sit, when the maitre’d came up to me.  He was a very ordinary sort of bloke- not angelic at all.  I was kind of disappointed, because I wanted to see an angel.  He had a sheaf of papers under one arm that was apparently some sort of seating chart, though he didn’t have to refer to them to seat me.  He recognized me, and led me to a seat near the middle of the table.  The woman to my left had apparently been martyred, because she was still bearing her scars.  I didn’t recognize any of them, and I was really shy about sitting down with them.  I was afraid to be left with these strangers, and the argument was getting kind of loud at the top of the table.

I turned to tell the man that I was really disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to see Jesus, and he grinned at me.  When he grinned, it was like my eyes were opened and I saw who he really was.  It knocked me out, because I had expected him to be taller and better looking, with a beard and stuff.  But he had short dark hair and was clean-shaven and very ordinary looking.  He looked sort of like an Italian waiter to me.  And I laughed out loud, because the people at the top of the table were still arguing over who was going to get to see him, and he was going around seating everyone!

I still didn’t want to sit down with all those strangers, and having found him, all I wanted to do was be with him, so I asked him “Can’t I come around and help you?”  (This vision has really helped me see why, if we want to be close to Christ, we have to serve others- because that is what he’s doing all the time!)  In retrospect, it was a stupid question because obviously he had to seat everyone himself.  I expect the sheaf of papers under his arm was the Lamb’s Book of Life, though it looked more like an unstapled term paper.  And he said No, I want you to sit here.  And he showed my my chair, and he was so excited about it.  It was like he was bursting with some secret about this place he had chosen for me.  He was so worked up about it, I couldn’t say no.  I had to sit down in the place he had prepared for me so carefully.  Even in the middle of the vision, I knew that my chair was a metaphor for my purpose in life.  It wasn’t particularly debased or exalted, but it was very specially chosen and prepared for me.  What could I do but accept it?  I wouldn’t have hurt him for the world.  I mean, I know in life I must grieve him a lot, but face to face with him, I just liked him so much, I wouldn’t have hurt him for anything.
So that was my vision, and it has stuck with me for several years.  So get what you can out of that- it meant a lot to me.




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28 04 2008

That would make a great short play for the church. Can I share this with Pastor Matt. He’s always doing something to get our attention. This would be great.

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