May be temporarily off the air

24 04 2008

I know I haven’t been posting as often since we moved.  This small house takes a LOT more work to maintain than my old house did.  I have never done so much housework in my life.

Now things are only going to get worse for a while.  We’re trying to paint & wall-paper the new house every spare evening.  In the mornings I have finally bitten the bullet and added pre-school to my school routine.  And in order to try to keep order during this chaotic time of transition, I have started doing Flylady again.  I hate routines, but at this point, only routine is going to save us.

I love you all, and after we are moved and established, I hope I will have time to get back to writing again.  (I mean like real writing!)  In the meantime I will try to post when I get five minutes to myself.  But right now my baby’s diaper is dragging and I’m 30 minutes late starting school and we have Spanish right after lunch and Brenna’s sewing show tonight and….  Well, you get the picture.  Oh, Shoot!  I haven’t done my homework for the class this weekend!  Oh, well.




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