We bought a house today!

18 04 2008

We closed on the house today.  Between Neal and our very competent realtors, this purchase was practically painless for me.  Brenna fed the little ones candy and Kix cereal at one end of the big, shiny, glossy lawyerly table while Neal and I signed stacks and stacks of papers that we only cursorily glanced over.  I suppose this is typical for a closing, but please, Lord, let this sale turn out better than the last one!

Our cats caught a rat in the back yard and have been toying with it through the long afternoon.  Though I know my loyalties should rest with the home team, the rat is small, brown, furry and cute, and I’m afraid I’m rooting for it to escape.  I mentioned my subversive sympathies to my husband, and he offered to go out and call off the cats.   But they are, after all, just doing their job.  Isn’t that why we have cats?  We lived by a swamp for nearly five years, and I only saw two snakes in the entire time we were there, and one of them had already had it’s head ripped off.  Meg and Tutter make an efficient team.

My daughter is reading this post over my shoulder and added a comment about the cats.  They’re efficient “except when they growl at each other,” she says.  I suppose all teams have occasional infighting.  Hopefully most teams manage to avoid ripping large chunks out of other team-members’ backs, though.  Meg did that to Tutter the last time we left them for the weekend.  I think this did show a lack of esprit d’corps on her part.  Perhaps this is the reason why Tutter seems to be hogging the rat.

My thanks to my mother, who has offered to have her very good mechanic-of-several-years, Paul, look for a van for us, and even more thanks to Richard, who has undertaken the search in Camden.  Bless you, my loved ones.

Must go purchase paint and wall paper for darling new house!




2 responses

19 04 2008

Congratulations on the new home! We look forward to seeing it!

21 04 2008
Linda Miller

We are so pleased to hear about your new house. It looks like a very comfortable home for your growing family. Won’t it be wonderful to settle into a larger home with a beautiful yard for the kids to roam around and explore.
Your Dad realized that it would be much easier for to call Paul Scott to let him know what you need. His number is 804-739-2398. After he pointed that out it did seem much easier. That way Paul would have a much better idea of price, size and requirements.
Congrats on the house, love & hugs. Mom & Dad

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