One honest man

15 04 2008

Neal just called from work- the truck was in the shop with low oil pressure.  A cylinder died, and the shop said the only sensible way to fix it was to replace the engine.  The man who sold me the truck swore (and offered some proofs that I obviously didn’t check thoroughly enough) that the truck had already had its engine and transmission replaced.  He lied.  His father, who was a very kind and reliable looking man, backed up his lie.

I could have taken a blood oath that they were telling the truth!  I feel like the world’s largest idiot now, and I wonder when my bad decisions will ever stop harming my family.  We paid $3000 for a truck that wasn’t worth $500, then paid $1500 to replace the brakes, $900 when the deer hit it…  We pray about these decisions, and we really try to follow the Lord’s guidance.  We certainly have prayed about this house.  Are we just sticking a foot into another swamp?  And do people ever think of the terrible feeling of betrayal that their lies produce in other people’s lives?

What will we do?  We have two vehicles that need to be immediately replaced.  My van’s engine is running well, but the body of the vehicle is (and has been) falling apart.  One of the large side windows simply fell out in the middle of traffic last Friday.  Our computer monitor died, the mouse died, medical bills, vet bills…

I think the worst part of it is that I feel totally inadequate to pick out a new vehicle.  We have enough money to purchase one & make payments, but I am afraid to try and find what we need.  I’ve been betrayed by dealers more than once, and now I’ve been betrayed by a private owner.  In the past, the only safety I could find in buying a car was to really try to discern the character of the person I was buying from.   I’ve known too many car dealers to trust any of them.   And how are we ever going to find an honest one in this town where we know no one?

I don’t have a kingdom, but I can really sympathize with the guy who said he would give his kingdom to find one honest man.




One response

17 04 2008

I really like to buy from Bruce Cavanaugh. I feel like they are honest…I even let them put a bumper sticker on my van! I am working with a salesman there named Bob Jones – he was referred to me by my long time service contact there at Bruce’s. Maybe you can come to Wilmington and buy? They sell nice used cars, and I trust them.

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