Missoula, bio-luminescence, and going to the Doc

15 04 2008

I went to the doctor yesterday & the woman did not apparently believe that I have been running a fever for nearly three weeks because the goofy little ear thermometer said I only had a temperature of 97 degrees.  I have NEVER taken my temperature and come up with 97 degrees.  I went home & checked and it was 99.4.  They drew blood and gave me a slip to have my lungs x-rayed to “see if you actually have an infection.  Come back in a week.”

So I am condemned to at least one more week of running a fever every night (unless God sovereignly heals me- I fell asleep last night praying.)  I’m tired, and I’ve been leaning on Neal too much.  I MUST buy groceries, clean out the fridge and fold laundry today.  The children’s 4-H sewing projects are due next Monday & Brenna’s fabric and pattern accidentally got packed away in the garage & has not been found yet.  Donal’s is barely started.

Oh- cool news!  After going to the doctors (they were running a whole hour behind in their appointments & the PA was callously slow) I rushed the children to their theater auditions.  We arrived in the nick of time, and D & B trooped upstairs with the other kids for an hour and 45 minutes of auditioning.  Apparently Brenna froze when they asked her to say lines & delivered them in a monotone, but Donal (who knows no shyness) got a part!  He will be one of the Lords in Cinderella, performing on Friday and Saturday of this week.  (It’s a one week touring children’s theater experience called Missoula).  Bren was very disappointed, but had us all in stitches last night doing pantomime impressions of Donal as a Lord and Donal as a peasant.  I have never seen anyone be so funny just by scratching themselves!  She has a gift, and one of these days she will press beyond stage fright and show it to someone else.

Donal is pacing around the kitchen behind me waiting to use the computer to look up photos of bio-luminescent animals for his 4-H presentation project.  He now knows more disgusting facts about critters that glow in the dark than I ever wanted to know in my life.  I think his brain is like a magnet- it attracts knowledge the way most of us collect cat hair and lint.




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