To Charlotte and Back home again

7 04 2008

My most common feeling in the past few months is a dream-like quality of speaking and having no voice come out.  I talk, but no one cares.  I frequently found myself this past weekend speaking, only to realize that although the women were too polite not to listen, they could have cared less and were only waiting for me to shut up.  Distressing.

Added to which, comments on my blog have fallen to nearly zero.  Is this a humility test?  Am I passing?

The convention was super.  I learned all kinds of things, and I can’t wait to spill them all.  Can’t do it tonight though, as my beloved husband has on his black silk pj’s and has lit candles in our room.  I think he’s wanting some attention….

I’m glad they lived through the four days I was gone.  I spoke to them a couple times on borrowed cell phones and they sounded all right.  When I came home, though, the house had been sacked by Norman invaders, the baby was crying, and Neal looked like he was only recently revived from a coma.  I rocked Patrick, tickled Mike, gave Brenna her Misty Edwards cd I bought at Morning Star, gave Donal his book, and rubbed Neal’s back until he was acting like a human again.  I gather that he fed the children and took them places, but they all seemed grateful to have me home again.

On my part, I was very glad to be back.  No one kissed me, and hardly anyone hugged me the whole time I was gone.  Oh- this is cool!  One of the ladies at my church left me a red plush jogging suit with leopard stripes down the sides of the pants & sleeves while I was gone.  It’s tacky, but I’m so grateful that someone thought of me lovingly, that I’m drying it as we speak and will probably wear it to prayer tomorrow to show my gratitude.

One neat thing about the conference- I had a nice talk with a woman from Texas while I was waiting for worship to start on Saturday.  She had a very similar past to mine: she was walking in darkness, got pregnant and then married, and then came back to Christ.  Her first child, like mine, did not get the benefit of the greatest mothering in the world, and also like mine, is eleven years old and struggling.  So I told her I would pray for Brianna, and she is going to pray for Donal.  Prayers criss-crossing the nation!  Isn’t that cool?   I gave her my email and hope she chooses to get in touch.  I would like that.

Meanwhile- y’all be praying for God to get the Vice President he has in mind, ok?  I’ll tell you more about that next time.




6 responses

7 04 2008

I am reading every post, dear Angela. Sometimes, I worry that you may get tired of me commenting all the time. Now that I know you miss me, it won’t happen again. Of course your family missed you while you were away. After all, you are Super Mom!!

7 04 2008
Linda Miller

Dear Angel,
I too am reading but not commenting often enough. Times have been hectic at home & the business but I’ll do better. Aunt E brought the kids over to the office for a visit and we all went out for lunch together. Everyone had a good time. Thanks for our Easter visit. The flowers you guys brought just gave up a few days ago and our new trash can is already officially installed. There is still a bit of bread left but, unlike Doris I am going to pass on anymore because of the time element. I was so glad to hear about your ‘Super Mom” celebration. A spontaneous tribute from all of your gang just makes your heart sing doesn’t it? Love & hugs, Mom

7 04 2008

I am a horrible blog commenter….so sorry! I do check on you every couple of days and I read every post. So glad you had a great time at the conference!

7 04 2008

Your post reminds me of a ladies retreat that I went on once. I remember making one of the speakers mad because I asked her not to set her alarm for 5 am because it didn’t wake her up and went off for over an hour. I was very pregnant, too, and needed my sleep! And one lady that I thought I would try to be friendly with wanted nothing to do with me. I went home so discouraged and told Brian that if I didn’t make some friends soon we should leave that church! I’m glad that we didn’t, because that was where I met you! Hand in there, the right friends will come along at the right time. Hopefully ones that crave Pop Tarts and Little Debbies and like to sit around the kitchen table and craft while talking about husbands.

7 04 2008

I’m really glad someone is still reading this! I read Abbye’s, too, but I’m not always a good commenter either. I always check my mom’s, my sis’s, Carolyn’s, Coni’s, and Abbye’s blogs when I get on. I haven’t branched out much more than that lately. Sigh. Very tired. Too bad you can’t send a hug over the internet.

7 04 2008

I read weekly, but comment infrequently. I’m reminded that I need to balance my time between interfacing with the computer and talking to real people. But I’ll make time to…oops… I being summoned to , uh, talk to some real people. Bye, now.

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