Morningstar Conference

3 04 2008

Last post before lift-off!  I leave tomorrow morning (at 4 a.m.) for the Morning Star Women’s conference in Charlotte!  I am really looking forward to this.  I went to one about five years ago and it literally changed my life.  I wish I could give a link to their home page, but I haven’t learned how to do links yet.

So, I’ve set up a babysitter for Thursday night
Got Neal directions to the kid’s Spanish class,
Bought some new PJ’s (without holes)
Packed my Pearl music downloader thingy in case my roomate snores
sewed my book bag back together & packed it with mints, bible, change for the phone, pens, paper, wallet, etc.
Put in two books in case I get bored, a bottle of aspirin in case I get a headache, and a thing of miniature Almond Joy bars in case… well, just in case.

I bought a necklace to go with the t-shirt I’m wearing tomorrow.  This makes little sense.  Who’s going to care what I look like at 4a.m.?  Optomistically, I also packed nail polish in the hopes that, without the presence of my darling children,  I might actually have time to do my nails.

I will be back Sunday afternoon.  God, please look after me (so I really do come back- my kids need me.  D especially, who would probably drive any other woman to drink.  He’s spent this entire evening theorizing on how he can use opium to solve the killer bee problem and nothing I can say will divert his obsession with this thought)  And God please, take care of Neal and the kids while I’m gone.  Keep them in peace and safety, health and blessings until I return.  I both hate and love leaving them.  I know I’ll come back a better mother, but I worry about them in my absence.   So you please take care of them, Lord.

Meanwhile, I’ll see you in Charlotte!




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