Fritos for breakfast

21 03 2008

I suppose eating Fritos for breakfast is not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.  But there you go.

I danced around the kitchen with Brenna this morning.  My hair was wet and flying everywhere, and her hair was static-y and flying everywhere.  We were dancing and jumping and singing a song from “Jonah,” God is a God of second chances…  Donal came into the kitchen for a drink of water and we surrounded him and grabbed him and jumped up and down.  Brenna said he had to dance, too, to get out of the kitchen.  He did, trying to look bored to death, but I saw a dimple peeking out of his cheek.

Neal may be making an offer on a house today.  It was really wierd.  We were praying, asking the Lord about whether or not to purchase this house, and he reminded me of a dream I had about a year ago.  I dreamed we were trying to buy the house on Sand Hill Road.  In the dream I was fussing at the Lord, saying, “No!  We just SOLD this stupid house!  It took us over a year to find someone to buy it.  We live somewhere new now!”  Can you believe- now we’re trying to buy a house on Sandhill Road.  Different city, same road….   Neal can even remember me telling him about that dream.

So anyhow, I’m thinking about paint & wallpaper colors, eating Fritos, and listening to Yo-Yo Ma on my Yahoo Music thingy.  D is grumpily doing his free-write (I don’t think he feels it is very free), and B is reading her bible chapter for the day.  Patrick just dumped a huge tin of beads on the floor, and Michael is gluing paper fish into a paper aquarium without adult supervision.  Perhaps I had better go check on them….




One response

21 03 2008
Grandma Wilhite

Does this mean the Castle Hayne house is history?
Please tell me this is not the same Sandhill Road?!#*

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