New Church Membership

16 03 2008

We officially joined the church today.  The pastor had us stand up front, then he paused and said, “Let’s do something different today,” and sent two people back to the nurseries to get our kids.  Everyone stared.  Neal and I held hands and tried not to meet anyone’s eyes.  They came back with our kids, and the Pastor exhorted everyone to treat us like family, especially as we didn’t have any blood kin here.

Then everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, in the church came up and hugged us.  It was like the receiving line of a wedding, only with hugs instead of handshakes.  I had seen them do this to another couple and thought it was weird.  But when they did it for us, I realized how incredibly powerful it was.  I felt so totally loved and welcomed in I didn’t know whether to laugh or sit down on the step and cry.  Each person had something kind to say.  They hugged the kids, praised us & the kids…  it was beyond words.

I had been feeling a little nervous about joining a new church.  Not any more!   Patrick got so used to greeting people he had to get down out of my arms and shake hands with the Pastor on the way out.

Incidentally, worship was fantastic today.  They got beyond the regular music set and the Pastor got up on stage and told the folks to act like Jesus was coming to the city today (being Palm Sunday) and what would we do if he were physically with us and the whole place went nuts.  I love watching the pastor & music team dance while they’re playing.  Even the bongo guy was jumping up & down.  It was wild.

Sometimes this man provokes me, sometimes he makes me laugh, sometimes he encourages me, and sometimes he makes me feel really stubborn.  But we haven’t had a day yet where I felt like nodding off.




One response

17 03 2008

Congratulations! I know that you were concerned about finding a church, but see how nicely God had it all arranged. A church with deep worship, another church to learn deliverance, a writing group, a homeschool group, and 4 more Lisa’s! Just don’t let any of those Lisa’s replace me…

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