Perfect Peace- a prayer

12 03 2008

My heart is broken tonight.  I am hurting.  Several people I know are going through mean, nasty, dirty ugly situations and I am hurting for them.  Unfortunately, my compassion has no cash value.  What good does my sympathy do?

God, the world is a hurting place.  Sometimes I see it like a thicket of thorns, and the more we try to work our way out of it, the more pierced we get.

I am trying to lay my heart down right now.  There is a woman in our church who reminds me very much of my grandmother.  She smells like smoke, wears lots of clunky jewelry, dyes her hair red, and she’s lonely.  She’s incredibly starved for company, for touch, for someone to talk to.  I have to love her.  I am pressing past my dislike for being touched to allow this woman to sit down beside me and rub my arm, lean her head against me, touch my hair and face, and elbow me when she laughs.  Physically, it is painful for me, but for once I can hear with my heart- I can hear the terrible longing inside her to be held.  No, she doesn’t really love me.  She just needs someone, and I’m someone.  A warm body.  A hand.  My God, give me patience and love enough to be a body near her!

A friend has been pouring out her terrible relationship problems to me.  What a dreadful snarl we get ourselves into sometimes!  Have been trying to give Godly advice, counseling patience, gentleness, self-control.  Have been trying to touch her heart to restraint, to not make the same mistakes we all make time after time.  When we are wounded, we lash out.  I have been trying to absorb some of her pain.  Is this stupid?  Is is stupid for me to provide an ear to hear her pain, acknowledge that it exists, and counsel her to bear it patiently until the situation can be unraveled?   She’s not like some of the ones I have tried to help in the past- she took her problem to counseling instead of continuing to wallow in crisis.  I have very little sympathy for the people who have become addicted to their own pitifulness, but this one doesn’t seem that way.  I MUST learn to discern who God has given me as a burden, who he has given me to touch, who he has given me to intercede for, and who I had better leave alone!

God are you hearing these people?  They are pouring their hearts out to me, but I can’t do anything for them!  You’re going to have to get moving and do something for them, for the woman who cried in my kitchen, for the woman who called me tonight, for the woman who sat beside me all evening, for the broken heart crying out on her cell phone.  God I pray your mercy over all of them.  I pray you would break their bondages and give them peace, the peace that passes all understanding.  I pray you would touch their lives with holy fire, undo what the enemy has done against them and lead them into the place of rest that you have prepared for your people.  Heal their wounded hearts, Lord, and give them an understanding of how wide, how long, how high, and how deep Your love really is.  I pray you would shake the heavens on behalf of these women I love, break their captivity, and lift their tired spirits in your untiring arms. Lift mine, too, while you’re at it.

I pray for my mother and my sister, that you would bless them indeed.  I pray you would touch their lives and give them peace, lead them beside the still waters and restore their souls.  I pray health and healing for my father and restitution for what he has lost.  Lord I pray that you would break the enemy’s hold over my son’s health and set him free from the affliction that troubles him.  Holy Spirit I loose you to work great and mighty things in my husband’s life and the life of my children- I pray that you would break free their destiny in Christ and equip them for every good work.

I lift up my sister Lisa, father, and pray sugar for her- the sweet of the land, the land flowing with milk and honey.  I pray you would lead her into the place where your presence is so sweet she can just barely stand it.  I pray rest and refreshment for her, that you would water her flagging purpose and cause it to bloom again.  Lord, refresh the words you have given her in her mind, whisper in her ears in the night time, visit her in her dreams.  I pray that her will would be made one with your will and that she would live in your life-giving presence effortlessly.  Hide her under your wing, father.  Keep her in perfect peace.  Comfort her, O God of all comfort.  Comfort her tonight.

And Karen, darling.  I pray you would comfort Karen tonight.  Remind her who she is.  Remind her that she is the daughter of a king.  Help her to see herself through your eyes and see how desirable she is.  Father, please restore her self-esteem and give her courage and faith to lift her head again, to lift her eyes again and begin to praise and believe.  Renew her, in your faithfulness.  Restore her joy.  Please, Father, I ask these things.  Please.  Press on her.  Touch her precious heart.  Don’t give up until she falls to her knees and confides in you.  Bend down your ear and listen as she prays.  Show her your faithful love in wonderful ways.

Father, I’m laying these people in your hands tonight.  I need to go and sleep, and I need you to take care of these things for me.  I’m too weak.  I can’t carry them.  You carry them, please.  You heal them, you help them, you save and restore them.  I commit them to your care.  And I pray that you would restore me as I sleep and give me, tomorrow, more to give to my husband, my family, my friends, and my children.  Let me become an out-pouring of your love, a reflection of your grace, a still pool of your mercy and love.  Let my prayers shake the heavens and slake the thirst of the perishing.  Touch their hearts for me, God, change their lives, heal their souls, break their bonds.  I’m trusting you, because you said that what I place in your trust you MUST attend to.

Thank you.  Thank you for bearing the burden that I can’t bear.  Oh, my God!   I love you so!  How could anyone know you and not know how you love!   Not know the depths of your comfort and peace!  You are the only one that enables me to bear it!  Only you- only you give me the strength to go on being me, making mistakes, failing…  Only you make my weaknesses endurable!  God I love you!  You are so patient with me, so forgiving.  I can’t praise you enough.  Watch over me as I sleep, I pray, keep me in perfect peace.




One response

17 03 2008

Now, that is a prayer warrior. It is wisdom to know that you cannot carry the burdens or cure the ills. You know Who can and Who does. Sometimes we just need to be a warm body for the hurting to lean on in the moment. You are a body that prays like a maniac. Thanks for being a maniac. Love you and miss you.

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