New church members! And other stuff…

10 03 2008

    Yesterday morning, we turned in our application to be members at Harvest Fellowship church under Pastor Pete Norris.  And I mostly feel good about that.  Would you believe- he actually had two “ten minute speakers” on Sunday!  Is he reading my blog, too?  (Along with Progress Energy apparently.)

I do feel kind of sorry for him, though.  Because I go through these cycles where I am in “church rebellion.”  He kept telling us to stand up yesterday.  At one point he jokingly said, “Don’t sit down- you’re closer to heaven when you stand.”  There is just something in me that rises up in rebellion.  When someone tells me to stand, I want to sit.  They tell me to sit, I want to walk around.  They tell me to pray, and I look around the room.  They tell me to worship and I pray.  I don’t like being part of the machine.  I don’t like blending in.  I want to wander off and do my own thing in my own time.  Practically speaking, when you have something as large as a church, you can’t allow people to do that, though.

Yesterday during worship I went back and danced with the toddlers.  It was cool.  Nobody tries to make a toddler do anything they don’t want to.  If they want to stand, they stand.  If they want to lie on the floor and roll around, they do.  If they want to wave a flag and jump in circles, they are released to do that.  I was too inhibited.   I’m really hoping that going to the Morningstar Women’s Conference next month is going to help me with that.  Why have I become so self-concious about worship in the last few months? I just want to shake that off.

I went to try and pay for my conference fees with some birthday money my wonderful, extravagant in-laws gave me, and discovered that someone had already paid my way!  Isn’t that cool?  I didn’t mean to extort help by sharing my testimony about Neal being out of work.  God really has provided EVERY single thing we needed when we needed it.  We have lacked for nothing and are rapidly getting out of debt even while we pay the mortgage and the rental.  God has been very very good to me.  I wish I could live my entire life right here in this little bubble of blessing and favor and never have to be tested again….    Right, like that’s going to happen!

We’re putting together some clothes and baby things and toys to sent to orphanages in Nairobi.  The church has a relationship with a minister there who runs a series of churches and five orphanages in small towns.  We’ve decided to send our generator.  Figure they can get more use out of it than we are.    The only times we run it are after hurricanes.  We use it to save a freezer full of food we can easily replace and be more comfortable for a few days.  They could use it to run medical equipment or run a refrigerator for milk and formula for abandoned babies and vaccinations and medical supplies.  Hmmm…. who would get the most benefit from it?  Duh.

As a suprise benefit to people who actually READ my blog, I’m going to tell you something about the prayer request I sent out.  Our realtor, their realtor, the inspector, and the people buying the house all showed up to flush our problem toilet today.   The first flush went fine.   Everyone breathed deeply.  The second flush backed up.  Waa!!  Then they ran the shower, which is right next to the toilet, for 45 minutes & the shower never backed up.  (Well, it never has.)  The inspector concluded that there was nothing WRONG with the septic system, but perhaps there was something wrong with the toilet.  Kay is going to replace the toilet at her own expense (she says if it works I can pay her back at closing) and see if there’s something about the toilet or the plumbing that is causing the problem because the septic tank is obviously not backing up.  I have been praying earnestly that the God who got Israel out of hock in Egypt, who caused the entire Assyrian army to turn on itself and commit suicide outside of the gates of Jerusalem, who showed Elijah chariots of fire on every hill top, can get my house sold.  Of course he can!  I don’t know how he’s going to do it, but, Hallelujah!, he’s smarter than I am.

My job is to believe that He is and believe that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him, to tithe, to pray, and to trust in Him.  His job is to sell the house, provide for my family, keep us safe, heal our bodies, minds and spirits, and guide us along the best pathway for our lives.   This would seem like an inequitable division of labor if He weren’t so very good at His job!   I’m rather like Jack the Giant Killer, just riding along in the tree-top pretending to carry my end.




One response

12 03 2008
Grandma Wilhite

We did as you asked. We prayed about the perking problem. I even asked my circle to add it to their prayer list. Funny. Everybody had a suggestion as to a possible solution. Finally I reminded them, “I didn’t ask for a solution, I’m willing to leave that for God.” Richard and I were bold enough to ask for a miracle. I do believe in miracles, how about you!
Funny thing — I also asked my circle for prayers for nursery volunteers. About six of my volunteers had resigned. Of course nobody does this forever! (unless it’s me) This morning I found several people who got left out of the line-up last time. Sometimes God is sneaky, like that!

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