25 02 2008

Couple items of note: Progress Energy sent me a letter of confirmation, so it was for real.  (Woo Hoo!)

Donal is attending a Cooking Focus Group through 4-H today & is about to perish with excitement.  D & B are going to be entering a sewing competition through 4-H in a month or two.  We’re plainning on making library book bags with foundation-pieced quilt squares.  First I must have my sewing machine repaired.

Yesterday I attended my first meeting of the  writer’s group.  I read my story “Mathew’s Rabbits” to them.  They loved it and immediately began discussing which short story competition I should enter it in.  I had the feeling one has when the roller coaster starts and you wish you could get off but it’s too late.  Some of them are quite good writers & had some helpful things to say.  Most important, they understand that encouragement and telling what they got out of the story are much more important than criticism.  When someone tells you what they understood from what you wrote, then you can say, “YES!  They got it!”  or “Hmmm… maybe I need to adjust something because that wasn’t what I meant to send.”

I’m finding my class from Elijah House challenging (the books are stiff for even me to wade through) but full of intense revelation and wonderful moments where everything in the universe seems to fall into place.  I am more excited about this than I am able to express.

Must go clean house…. ugh.




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