Progress Energy enters the Blogsphere…

19 02 2008

      This is surreal.  I’m not sure if I should be pleased or panic.  Five minutes ago, a guy (supposedly from Progress Energy) called to tell me that a member of his department had read my BLOG and they wanted to resolve the issue!

Reason I’m inclined to think this is not a scam: he didn’t ask for my address, account number, social security number, or banking information.  (However, perhaps I should be worried that they were able to figure out which account I was from info on my blog- note to self: be more careful.)

So they’re re-instating my ability to write checks and (assuming this person was from Progress Energy and not The Planet Formerly Known as Pluto) life goes back to normal.  Is this an example of God’s favor, the power of the written word, or bizarre coincidence?  I’m inclined to think that Progress Energy has PR people searching the internet for comments about their company.  Purpose?  I assume to maintain their public image.  Me crying on the phone wasn’t exposing them in a public forum, but me writing in a blog (even if only about six people really read it) is?

So if they want good PR, I’m willing to make the exchange.  I’ll write something nice about how, although Progress Energy is still a powerful monopoly (no pun intended), they at least have a couple of people working there who are human beings and not computer componants.  Thanks guys.

P.S.- If the mystery man is reading this again, please tell that poor girl on the complaints line that I’m sorry I cried and yelled about how unfair her company was being.  I do know it wasn’t her fault, and I’m sorry I took it out on her.   I was really feeling guilty about that last night & I prayed for her.  (I should know better than to chew out the person who takes the calls, you know.  I used to work as a customer service person myself.  I answered service calls for a computer company, and if anything can get people hot under the collar, it’s a computer that is acting possessed!)

Wow, this has been a really weird day.




3 responses

19 02 2008

hahahahahahahahaha! Thanks! I needed that!
Weird day indeed my friend. As one of your 6 readers, I am thrilled to hear that Progress Energy has done the right thing.

20 02 2008

What good news. If you Google “progress energy monopoly” your blog is the first hit! So your voice does count, even if it does herald from Goldsboro. 🙂 Glad to know that there are a few humans out there. Lisa (Note to Progress Energy employee reading the blog: I used to work there, do you know who I am, too?)

20 02 2008
Linda Miller

Dear Angela,
When I read your post about Progress Energy yesterday Dad was at home. I was very disappointed with the way you had been treated by their organization. When we arrived at the office today, I went to your blog to print out the first account so he could get the whole story and found your news!! What a wonderful time of the good guys winning one for all of you. Today I passed both blogs around to all three of your readers here.
Love, Mom

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