Is Progress Energy a Monopoly?

18 02 2008

I think it is, because i want to change electric companies SO BAD, and I can’t, because they’re the only one around.  And if I didn’t have electricity, I couldn’t get on my computer and play with my Webkins, and that would be unfortunate.

So, when we were in the middle of moving, I accidentally picked up the wrong check book and wrote all my bills on the old (closed) account.  Most of them sent me polite notes explaining the problem and requesting that I do something about it pronto.  Terminex charged me an extra $25.  Fine.    But the lovely electric company demanded their money, and then when I sent them a check (from the right account with a note explaining the accident) they wouldn’t deposit it.  They accepted a check for our bill here, but not for the old bill, and kept adding penalties, even though we didn’t know we weren’t supposed to write a check any more.

I want to wring their necks.  Despite the fact that in eight years we have never missed a bill, despite the $150 deposit we had to pay to get service here in, despite my explanations and apologies, they are not budging.  I can get a cashier’s check (for an extra fee), pay online (for an extra fee), or pay in person.  And now that I mentioned it, they won’t accept checks on our account anymore, despite the fact that they just took my check (which was GOOD) for last month’s bill!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!  So be careful- one mistake and the electric company will blackball you, smirch your credit, and absolutely refuse to listen to any extenuating circumstances because they don’t have to CARE…
…they’re the only power company in town.




One response

12 07 2010
Alex Summers

Yes they are! Progress Energy is HORRIBLE!!! They are frustrating, hard to deal with and hit you with all types of fees. Why? Because they CAN! You don’t have a choice so they really don’t give a d@*m! We moved to Wilmington, NC from Columbia, SC. All of the other utilities took a letter of good credit from our previous companies and set services right up. Despite 6 yrs of excellent payment to SCE&G (not even one late fee in 6yrs) Progress still demanded $220. dollars up front. They refused to even look at the letter from SCE&G. THEN, the next bill hit us with a $17.00 “new account service charge” What total b.s.! When I called to discuss the fee it was immediately clear they would not budge. When I asked what other hidden fees they were planning on hitting me with next the rep. responded, “we don’t have any hidden fees.” I guess she meant other then the ones they already charged without informing me about….

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