One more time- this time with feeling!

5 02 2008

     I really shouldn’t be writing right now, so I’m going to have to be brief.

Saturday night, a drunk driver went into the ditch at the corner near our house.  His SUV plowed the ditch up until he got to our drive way, where it hit the concrete wall that keeps our driveway from falling into our very deep ditch.  The concrete wall split in half, half of it ended up in the driveway.   The SUV went airborne, flipped twice, and plowed up the ditch on the other side of the drive, totalling our mailbox on the way by.
Several of our neighbors were awaken by the crash, the three police cars, the ambulence, the fire truck….   The man across the street was quoted as saying, “Man the people in that house must sleep like logs!”  None of us even woke up.  I’ve picked up two grocery bags full of car pieces & have been praying for the family of the man.  Incidentally, though he put his head through the window of his car, he was barely scratched & went to jail instead of the hospital.  God protects drunkards and fools!

Neal is still sick in a droopy, lingering, hacking cough kind of way.   He has no energy, and is going to work on gumption alone.  (My attempts to persuade him back into bed or to the doctor have so far been in vain.)  He feels that as long as he’s not running a real fever, his body is just imagining things.
He needs his diabetes meds this week & we haven’t got the money.  Trying REALLY REALLY hard not to put it on the credit card.  His work says they’re going to give him a partial bonus when they hand out the bonuses on Thursday.  I’m praying there’ll be enough money there to help us over a few hurdles.  If we can get our tax check back, I think it will be enough to take care of our credit card, and then if the house will sell, we’ll be on easy street!  (As long as no one flings a car through our living room window- the neighbors say that’s the third accident like that in recent years.  The last one totalled two parked cars!)

In the erased email, I had come out of my shell of isolation and actually commented on some current events, but I’m too frazzled right now.  Let me see if I can sum it up: Tabloid papers destroying the lives of celebrity children, unethical meat packers making stirfry impossible, election reporters will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes, and what is up with commercials that are trying to mix “gross” with “s#xy?”
Baby unpacking refrigerator, must go.  Love to all….




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