3 02 2008

Well, I had written a really long, funny blog about the guy who had an accident in our yard last night and my mom’s visit, and I put in two of my favorite recipes and an update about Neal’s illness….

 but the baby hit the power button just as I was hitting “publish” and I don’t have the heart to re-write it. 

 Thus is great writing lost to posterity.  (Big Theatrical Sigh.)




2 responses

3 02 2008

Even larger theatrical sigh on my end. Bad baby! No…bad baby-attracting power button. Bad power button! Bad! Gregory suggests that you should put a piece of cardboard or an electromagnetic field around that power button. I agree. Guess I’ll just have to call you…

5 02 2008
Grandma Wilhite

So — skip the poetry –How’s Neal? Guess I’ll have to call you, too! Considering that you have four kids — what kind of accident?

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