Sunshine in the morning

31 01 2008

      Someone must have been praying for us!  I woke up and the atmosphere had changed around here. 

      First of all, Neal sacrificially took care of Pat all last night (sitting him up and whacking him on the back whenever he started to choke) and I got a good night’s sleep.  It’s amazing how much sleep will do to improve your attitude and restore your faith in God and man.
       Secondly, it was warm enough to bundle up and go out in the yard for a bit.  Bren had to go back in when the wind sent her into coughing spasms, but the rest of us managed to dig up a bed for vegetables.  The residents-before-last apparently had two raised beds.  The wood is rotten, but the plastic liner is still in place and the soil is rich and black and very promising looking.  We scraped the pine-needles out with our hands and turned the earth on one of them.  I chopped a pine root in half that was as big around as Pat’s arm and felt empowered.  It’s been a couple days since I had the strength to wash the dishes without panting! 
       Now my fingers are stained black around the nails and I am much happier.  I haven’t had a garden since we left Sand Hill Road.    Well, we had flower beds, but unlike Lisa I can’t get excited about digging flower beds.  If I can’t eat it, I’m not hugely interested in growing it.  
        Night before last, Donal heard “Taps” floating across the fields from the air base as he lay in bed.   Last night at ten, we all stood silently, almost breathlessly, hoping to hear it again.  But we didn’t.  The wind must not have been in the right quarter.  I love hearing the planes punch up to speed in the morning and roar around our house.  They’re so loud they make you feel like you’re sitting in a massage chair, but the sound is more visceral than audible- it doesn’t hurt your ears.  We’ve been so isolated since we moved here that I like hearing those evidences that there is other life on the planet! 
          I’m almost ready to take some pictures of the house & post them for you.  I wanted to wait until we had most of the boxes put away and the furniture roughly in the right place.  It’s not much fun to look at a picture of a wall of boxes.  Well, Pat just woke up.  Thank you all for your prayers & your loving comments- they’re so precious to me right now.




3 responses

1 02 2008
Grandma Wilhite

Back in my long ago, my mother had a prescription for us kids. Actually she used it when we got in a row. She sent us outside. Our orders were to dig a hole and spit our troubles in it. Then we were to cover them up and leave them there. well — we were just small children, co we didn’t know it wouldn’t work. So it worked!

Maybe that’s why I’ve always thought that digging was good for the soul!
Love you!

1 02 2008

I so love to read your descriptions of live as you see it and here it. even when times are rough I feel like I’m reading some old classic novel where even the hard times fell naustalgic (sp? – yikes, probably just butchered that word). glad to hear things are looking up today. I guess since Neal was up last night he’s feeling better? hope so. more warm weather to come I think. hopefully you have some more sunshine to dig up the other bed. look forward to the pics!

1 02 2008

Yea! Thanks for posting….we really miss you and are praying that you get settled in and start to feel normal again. This post makes me want to go did in the dirt, too. (then again, the couch is pretty comfy right now.) Love you all…

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