More blathering & the deer that hit the truck

26 01 2008

    It’s sleeting today.  The sky is heavy and overcast and the cold is creeping in through all the cracks and creivces of this old house.  Brenna, Mike, and Donal all have fevers and coughs.  I have given up and let them vegetate in front of the TV.  We’re nearly out of propane and can’t have more delivered until Monday, so we’re conserving heat and huddling under blankets.
      Neal is off to the local home improvement depot to find wood & materials to cover the rotting ceiling in the landry room and build Donal a bunk over the dryer.  I am looking forward to this.  Donal will have kind of a rad room with a modern carpet in bright overlapping circles, shelves full of his things, a bunk with a new knock-your-eyes-out afghan crocheted by his loving mom, and walls filled with all kinds of posters and tin beer signs.  (He took down a few last week- “Too much beer and not enough other stuff” he told me as he carried them to the trash.)  The bunk will stretch across the back of the room & the dryer will open into the cave under it.  Donal wants to put a beanbag chair under there and make it his reading cave.
        I went to the first homeschooling group and tried to make a good impression.  At one point I volunteered a suggestion for a mother who was feeling overwhelmed by her children and unable to find bible reading time.  I told her that when I do have study time (like during the sermon in church!) I copy out verses that touch my heart on a piece of paper.  Then I stick it on my fridge or over the sink.  All week while I work, I read the verses and ponder them and memorize them.  I thought it was a good suggestion, but everyone stared at me like they were thinking, “I can’t believe the NEW person said that- everyone try to act normal and smile!”
       It’s tough being the new guy on the block.  I spent the rest of the meeting eating donut holes and nodding dutifully.  Was exhasted when I got back home from the effort of keeping my mouth shut.
        I found a t-shirt I really need:  It said, “Lord, please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.”  (Doris, I thought of you when I saw this… not that you need it, I mean.  Of course not!  What I mean is, I just thought you’d think it was funny.  Sheesh, I’d better shut up now! ) 

Oh- have I told you guys about the deer yet?  The weekend we went back to close down the house, we went out to Rocky Point to eat with Lisa & Tony.  We were all exhausted from the stress of packing and moving and unpacking and driving back to clear out the house and paint and repair and clean and Pat’s birthday and just everything all at once.  Dinner was lovely.  We collapsed and ate a ton of terrific spaghetti and played cards and ignored the kids.
      On the way home to dump the unconcious little ones into bed, a deer decided to jump in front of Neal’s truck, “Ka WHAM!”  I immediately huddled down in my coat and began screaming, “You hit a DEER!  I can’t believe you hit a DEER, I’VE never hit a DEER!”  It’s a wonder Neal didn’t smack me.  He started saying words that weren’t exactly cuss words, but weren’t really English, either.  The kids were screaming.  He pulled the truck over (I was still hiding in my coat trying to shut the awful crunch out of my ears) and checked the car quickly.  Then he vaulted back in and began driving way too fast.
       “It’s spraying some kind of fluid,” he said tersely.  A greasy pink liquid began spraying up on the windshield as we picked up speed.   He asked me to watch the dials to make sure it didn’t overheat while he pushed for home.  (I watched the wrong dial, I later discovered.  Oh well.)  The truck died in the driveway.
        So there we were, ALL of us.  Stuck in Wilmington in a house with no furniture, no groceries, no transportation, no curtains, and no clean clothes.  We were already several thousand dollars in debt from fixing up the house & him being out of work, and if that’s not all, a DEER had to commit suicide by jumping in front of our F-350 truck and piercing the transmission fluid, alternator, radiator, frying the main belt and giving the compresser the scare of it’s life.  We should have hit a taller deer.  Good thing it was only about a two-pointer.
       (Waaa!!  We hit a baby deer!)
        I have decided, as a result of this encounter, that AAA is a good thing.  They helped us rent a car, paid for most of the towing, etc.  All we had to do is find a friend to drop Neal off at the car rental place.  Oh- and try to finish cleaning out and packing up the last stuff the movers wouldn’t touch with no way to take trash to the dump or pack more than our suitcases in the rental van. 
          So we went back yesterday to pick up the truck ($900 worth of deer damage & no venison to show for it…) and to finish the stuff we couldn’t do to the house the last interrupted trip.  With two sick kids.  (I’m not complaining, Lord, really I’m not- I’m just stating the facts.)  We found that the unprintably annoying construction people had built a privacy fence right ON the property line.  As the line goes by five feet on the side of our house, you can hardly sqeeze past the bush to get to the kitchen door.  Now, I know that our house was built too near the property line, but was the nine-foot fence really necessary?  Couldn’t they have built it 2 feet in as an easement?  It’s so horrible.  You look out the kitchen window, and there’s this FENCE.  All you see is FENCE.  They built it two inches away from our chain-link fence.  It’s ghastly.  How will we sell the house now?  It was so rude and unneccessary I just couldn’t believe it.
      Then, on the way out of the driveway I asked Neal to stop so we could pray and say good bye to the house, and when he tried to back up in front of it, he hit the mailbox.
        I thought, “Oh, that’s just freaking FINE, now we have to fix the mailbox!  Lord, how many times are we going to have to come back to this house at $60 a trip?  When will we EVER be shut of this place?”  Neal got out of the truck and went back there and STUCK that metal post back in the ground with his bare hands, stomped the ground a couple times and got back in the truck looking a little dangerous.
        “So who’s going to pray first?” he asked thunderously.  All the kids looked at each other.  Finally Michael prayed, “God please don’t let any of the trees fall down, too.”
         Amen, little brother.




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27 01 2008

You know how I like to “tacky up” the yard with nice garden art – you just need a little garden sign or something to hang on your side of the fence where you will see it when you look out the window. That will cheer things up a bit! And when the house sells, you can take it to tacky up your new yard. Just an idea.

29 01 2008
Grandma Wilhite

Angela, You know me too well! Ayep! I come home from many-a meeting with a tongue ache, where I’ve bit grooves in it! I can use that prayer, too “Lord, please keep your arm around my whoulder and your hand over my mouth!” Thanks!


31 01 2008

ugh! wow…. i don’t even know what to say. except the thought of neal cussing without saying real words and donal marching to the dumpster with his excess beer signs makes me smile. miss you guys! love ya!

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