Random notes about the move

23 01 2008
(sorry this post is in italics, but Mike slapped the keyboard and I can’t figure out how to undo what he did!)
To quote Rabbit, “There we were, ALL of us…” moved into the small house.  More or less.
I would like to take this moment to publicly state that all my happy feelings about the movers disappeared when I discovered they had broken the pedals off my piano.  They also packed a chainsaw full of gas and oil upside down in a huge box full of garage stuff.  It was a mess.  They threw my jewelry box (upside down and unlatched) into a box of things from my room, and I found a trail of my antique buttons along the sidewalk dripping from a cracked box.  They packed spices without closing them, packed half-eaten boxes of cereal with the tops open… argh!
Still, it was definitely better than packing it myself.  It turns out we have about 10,000 pounds of furniture and stuff.  (And books- lots of books).  (It humbles me to think that there are families in Africa who own three blankets, a pot, a knife and a goat.)    I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken me to pack.  I estimate I could have packed about two boxes a day.  It could have taken a year!
Still enjoying our new town.  The downtown strip is deserted at night.  Everyone goes to bed at 8:30 apparently.  On a Thursday night there were six cars at the Pizza Inn.  I’m not sure why they bothered to build a 24-hour Wal-Mart.
One of the best things about this place is the newspaper.  They keep putting people’s quotes about God and his divine providence on the front page.  They honor the troops stationed here, and write warm fuzzy stories about what people in town are doing.  They also report on the usual crimes & general downfall of humanity, but on the whole, the reporting is so upbeat I’ve actually resumed reading the paper after a fast of nearly 20 years.
The church search continues.  I found a preacher I really like at a local church, but the prayer meeting was a little disappointing.  I’ve gotten spoiled- I really expect annointed prophetic prayer, and it’s hard for me to think about settling for less.
At this point our house is starting to look like a home.  The boxes are out of the living room and only lingering in the corners of the other rooms.  The dishes are in the cupboards, and the cat litter box has, at long last, found a home.  Nearly everyone has a place to sleep (Donal still has to lean his mattresses up against a wall so I can do the laundry), and we’ve all gotten used to using the detatched doorknob.  You just shove it back in the hole and turn it- even Michael can do it.
A man came day before yesterday and replaced the broken glass in the window and all the cracked panes except the ones in my bedroom.  Another man came last night and, at last, (hallelujah!) we have an internet connection again.
Challenges: finding B a dance school, building a loft over the dryer so Donal has a bed, converting one of the boy’s bunks to an extra long bed for Neal, finding a bed for me so I’m no longer sleeping on the floor in a pile of blankets and cats, reattaching the doorknob, and finding a nearby grocery store.  (surely there must be one, unless Walmart ate it.)
Blessings: The wonderful going-away party.  Thank you all so much!!!  I used to watch “This is Your Life,” and I always thought it would be really neat to have all the wonderful people in my life come on a show and hug me.  The party was sort of like that.  It helped bolster me against the fact that I am now in a new town/new church/new homeschooling group where no one knows me, trusts me, or really has any use for me (yet).
More blessings: the landlord replaced the fridge when it blew out on Christmas.  Donal found a scout troop he likes.  There are two Christian dance schools here.  Neal loves his job.  Everything we own fit into the house or the garage here, and someone is looking at our old house.  Please pray they’ll buy it!  We’re so ready to move on.
I’m sure that there are things I wanted to say that I forgot, but I’ve got to go pick the pb&j crusts off the floor, put away the groceries Neal bought last night, and get my children organized.
Love to all!



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24 01 2008

I am so glad to read your stuff again!! Happy for you all that you are settling in and getting connected.

24 01 2008

So glad to see you posting again…I actually called your mom to check on everyone! We’re planning on coming up to Ohio for spring break – the end of March. We’re expecting a baby brother/sister for Payne to play with sometime in September so we won’t be traveling much after our voyage home.

24 01 2008
Grandma Wilhite

Great to see you! I was worried the movers broke your computer, too. It’s hard to see how they actually missed blowing it up! It’s amazing how (men) people pack. You’d think that, since that’s their business, they’d study up on it! It’s good to see that the dust of moving is settling, and you’re alive and well.

BTW highlight and then control-“i” will probably un-italic the document.
Love you! D

25 01 2008

and people wonder why I’m so finatical about technology. we miss seeing your faces. but I’m so glad we get to hear from you. glad you getting up and running. love you guys.

25 01 2008

Yea! Angela is back! It’s great to hear from you again – and we’re glad that you are getting settled in. BTW – when we were at Dance Revolution a couple of weeks ago, we got to see one of the Christian Dance schools from your new neck of the woods perform in the showcase. They did a great job and they would probably be a great choice to check into for Brenna. I think it was “In His Steps” studio, but Melanie will remember for sure. Love you guys! See you soon, I hope!

26 01 2008

Still love reading your work… Glad to see you around again.

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