Why you don’t keep a 2-year-old up past Midnight…

1 01 2008

      Cranky, cranky, cranky.  (And that’s just me!)  Pat bit Brenna on the nose & on the arm, Mike slugged Pat, Donal kicked Bren, Bren stole Mike’s balloon, Pat turned the TV off and Mike slugged him again.  Then they turned into a Tom & Jerry-type cloud of dust with kicking feet and fists and teeth showing.
      I eventually decided the Rose Bowl Parade was a bad idea and threw Pat back into bed and the rest of them out the back door.  
       Still, we had an absolutely astounding time at The Vinyard New Year’s Eve party last night.  I saw a lot of people from The Rock, including Nancy, who did a really sweet job of singing a couple songs.  There were dancers and performers and kids aplenty, kids galore!  Sleeping bags spread around, kids with flags, kids pushing cars, kids hugging and dancing in circles, kids worshipping…    
      I went up to put my prayers and petitions in the bowl before the cross.  I thought I was just going to drop the paper and go back to my seat.  Instead I dropped to my knees and got stuck- I couldn’t stop worshipping!  It was one of those moments I felt God so close around me I could barely breathe, barely move… it was so heavy and so beautiful!  I kept whispering to him, “I left the baby alone!  I really have to go back to my seat now…”  then another wave would hit me, and I’d think, “Oh help!  I go in a minute!”  I prayed for a lot of you, my loved ones, while I was up there.  At times like that you feel like your prayers go straight from your mouth directly to the Father’s ears. 
       I finally managed to stagger to my feet and then got stuck in that position!  Standing with my arms raised.  My hands were vibrating and I was shaking.  It’s funny- it’s exhausting when you try to hold your hands over your head normally, but at times like that it almost seems effortless.  Looking back, it’s hard to understand why I kept trying to pull away.  But I eventually did and, of course, the baby was fine.  He was sitting in his chair by Lisa sucking his thumb peacefully.  The annointing was still so heavy on me I could barely walk, and I nearly fell over Lisa’s feet sitting down.  Wow.
         Other good things: the last band of the evening was a hispanic band.  They sang worship songs in Spanish at about 60 mpr.  All the pastors, most of the kids & teens, and a few middle-aged people like me got up in front of the stage and danced like crazy people for half an hour.  It was fantastic.  Donal never stopped moving.  He and Brenna joined in a circle dance with Pastor Tom, and later I saw Brenna up on stage with a bunch of other girls having a great time.
          I was really impressed by some of the hispanic people that were sitting near me.  The men were so passionate in their worship!  They didn’t move around much, but their intensity was incredible.  There was one man kneeling by a table so lost in worship or prayer he was completely oblivious.  There were kids crawling all over his legs and slamming into him (his children- not mine!) and he didn’t even move.  I have never seen so much passion so tightly constrained before.  Another man in his group was much the same- he bent his head to pray over his food and I don’t think he looked up or moved for fifteen minutes.  You could feel the emotion pouring off of him as he prayed.  He was probably lost like I was before the cross…
          We didn’t leave the church until after 1 a.m.  Donal helped me lug the sleeping little ones out to the car.  (I didn’t get in line for food, but each of my children brought me a plate!  Aren’t they sweet?)  Anyhow- I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  I even recieved a prophetic word from a lady in the kitchen when I was picking up my plate.
         Gosh, I love going to church!




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31 01 2008
Lisa's Mom

Hi Angela,
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Whether you are enjoying being at church or Neal and Patrick are sick, your words make my heart sing and hurt at the same time. I hope there will be a silver lining for you and your family very soon.
Blessings to You,

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