Snatches of Grace

20 12 2007

Five minutes on my knees,
a quick prayer pacing around the playground,
or a sudden ear to hear while frying onions.
Today the clouds lined up, orderly,
like furrows- the field of the sky ripening
blush pink, then orange, then gold,
and I cried while carpooling, wanting
only you,
                  only you.
It comforts me to think that,
like my husband, you understand
the children’s demands
and don’t mind our stolen intimacies
behind closed doors during Sesame Street,
or confidences whispered over the murmur
of the washer.   Some day
we will have whole days
to speak and read and then be silent,
re-learning one another, joining hands
and coming apart in the intricate dance
of worship.  Then I will again
have time to seek Your face.
For now I am grateful for snatches of grace.




5 responses

20 12 2007

I can picture you and Jesus doing the intricate dance of worship, just filled with joy.
Thanks for giving me a moment to reflect,

20 12 2007
Neal Wilhite

“How do I say this is what I want!” [Sabrina,1995] I don’t know if the quote is exact but you know what I mean. The beauty that exudes from your soul and the chance to share it with you is a large part of why I married you!


23 12 2007

this is beautiful, angela. And by the way, I miss you already!

26 12 2007
Grandma Wilhite

Angela, I’ve fallen behind in my reading. “Haven’t had time…” How refreshing it is to read your poem –almost as my prayer! I find myself in the “some day” you anticipate, but still busy all the time. What is wrong with me! Who called me to be so busy! Well, in some respects, age is on my side. I don’t anticipate a move in the immediate future, I’m not selling a house, and I have the luxury of living with my husband, whom I adore. And we don’t have to schedule “cuddle time” — except sometimes …

3 01 2008
Debbie Davis

Just revisited your blog for the first time in a couple of months…MY BAD! I always enjoy my visits there.

I was very moved by Snatches of Grace. How beautiful.

I laughed my way through “Why you don’t keep a two year old up past midnight.” Thanks for helping me to become more sensitive (and remember what it’s like) to mothers with young children (especially multiple young children).

I do treasure the moments we can snatch in time together and getting to watch your continually pursuit of the Lord.

While reading your articles and marveling at your writing gift; I was reminded of a book by Rick Joyner where he sees into heaven. To his surprise mother’s were held in high esteem and had a place of honor near to the throne. Your doing good Angela!

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