18 12 2007

       Children are amazing.  Donal, usually the last one to drag out of bed, got up this morning to make hot spiced cranberry juice and sugar cookies.  The two little boys are leaning over the table assisting in their pajamas, and his sister is arguing with him about how much flour to sprinkle on the pastry cloth.  They pre-heated the oven, cracked the eggs into a cup, and just generally gave the impression that they really know what they’re doing.  Isn’t that cool?  I like seeing my children act independant, running loads of laundry, changing diapers, cleaning rooms, decorating, starting slips of succulents, and cooking on their own.  I’m very proud of them.  (If it were up to me, we’d never be baking cookies in our pajamas!)

          Hannah and Greg spent Sunday with us.  Hannah walks into the house and says, “Ooooh- I LOVE your tree!”  Now, she has a perfectly beautiful, huge, bead & ornament-covered tree at home that I have always admired.  Our tree is a scrawny apartment-sized tree designed to take up a minimum amount of floor space.  We only decorated with the non-breakable ornaments this year, and six kids put all the ornaments on.  Donal & Bren did most of the lights, and the little boys keep re-arranging things to suit their own tastes.  To me, it looks like something the cat knocked over.  But Hannah said she loved it, and she was really serious!  Can you beat that?  Kids are funny.

       Another example- the two kids came to see Imagine Christmas with us that night.  It was fabulous.  We sat in the back row, and the kids sat up on the backs of the chairs so they could see really well.  Donal got so excited a couple of times he almost knocked Greg over.  (When Madison appeared, everybody in our group cheered, and the people in front of us glared so hard I bet their eyeballs hurt the next morning.) 
       When it was over and we had gathered the two little boys from nursery, we had to press our way out of the lobby.  In that kind of situation, little boys are at an advantage, being able to navigate between people’s legs with a speed and agility unreproducible in grownups burdened with diaper bags, coats, and babies.  So we were shoving through the crowd and hollering, “Michael!  Wait for us!”  The path of least reistance led right by the senior pastor.  He was holding court in the middle of the lobby, shaking hands and recieving people’s congratulations. 
       Greg stopped and said, “Excuse me?”  The Pastor turned, all smiles, and greeted him, obviously expecting to hear how much Gregory had enjoyed the lavish spectacle the church had just put on.  Instead, Greg pipes up and says, “I lost the lenses from my sunglasses in the sanctuary.  If you find them, please call me.”  I wanted to burst into laughter at the look on the man’s face.  The bible says God is no respecter of persons, and children aren’t either!  I’ve spent seven years so awed by the senior pastor that I could barely shake hands with him, but Greg thought nothing of walking up the man and asking him to hunt for a lost piece of plastic.  I loved it.




One response

19 12 2007
Linda Miller

A few years back cookies baked in pajamas wouldn’t have bothered you a bit. I could just picture the group from your description! You’re right, too, about your kids enthusiastic interest in the world. Succulents, cookies, music, beachwalks all are sources of wonder for them. Hannah & Greg bask in the same nurturing love that yours do. What a wonderful group of friends you’ve gathered to you.

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