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17 12 2007

Wow!  Imagine Christmas was really over-the-top gorgeous.   I couldn’t believe the stage set when I walked in.  (I loved the swirly trees.)  Lots of great things- Coni singing a capella probably topped the list, but the kite dancing guy was really incredible.  So was the snow falling on the Christ Child’s face.  Karen Pray is terrific.  I think the entire team deserves about a month to crash and just be human.  (and notice Carolyn- not once did I use the word “awsome!”)  (oops.)

I really loved the Vinyard Christmas production, too.  The angels were dressed like the FBI, only with a dusting of gold glitter all over their jackets.  And they did the whole story contemporary, so instead of announcing Jesus’ birth to shepards, they showed up at a soup kitchen.  My four-year-old is still going around bouncing and singing that song.  Way cool!  I cried so much my neck got wet over the teen-age Mary and her expressive husband.

Neal just left again, and we’re all sad.  I can hear Brenna crying in her room.  But next weekend we go to stay for the first time at the Small House.  We’ll be there nearly a week on a trial run to see what furniture & stuff we need to move from here to there.  Waiting…waiting for the house to sell…

Neal has now visited four churches there, and will hit at least one more on Wednesday.  I’ll get to visit my first one on Sunday, and possibly another for Christmas Eve services.  I am very nervous.  I’ve never picked a church before.  When I accepted Christ seven years ago, I opened the phone book, pointed and said, “I think we should go here.”  Now we’re a good bit more choosy- we all have a lot of ideas about what we want and what we don’t want.  I wonder how long the search will take, and how will we know?  Will we just walk in and say, “This is it!”  Or will it take longer than that?

I think Donal kind of summed things up in our bedtime talk tonight.  “I feel really wierd,” he said, “and I don’t know why.”  I do too, though I have a pretty good idea why.  We’re not really AT any particular church, not really living in any particular town, floating between two homes, unable to take any kind of lesson or commit to any activity because we’re not really sure what we’re doing after next week!  I feel really wierd, too.

Things to do tomorrow: take the books to the library, bake a lemon poundcake with fruit in it (pretend fruit cake?), make Brenna clean her room, make Donal do his fractions, mail the presents to my grandparents, and do a lot of laundry.  Rah.

Favorite Book of the Moment: I’m enjoying the Nero Wolfe novels- I think I’m falling for Archie Goodwin.  Fortunately, I don’t think it’s mutual, because I’m already taken.   Very good to snuggle with my husband again.  I did my best to be fetching this weekend.  Have to remind the fellow of why he bothers to come home!




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17 12 2007

Angela, Thanks for your kind comments – I’m really glad you enjoyed the show. It was a ton of work but it was worth it! By the way…the balloons symbolized planets as the angels flew from heaven to earth to witness the birth of Jesus…

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