Long boring post about our week- suitable only for relatives.

8 12 2007

We had a busy week- got Neal launched off to the new town on Sunday.  I ran his glasses into Lenscrafters for much-needed repairs & the kids bought my presents from Yankee Candle Co!  Cool.
Sunday night I tried WilmingtonYardSales.com for the first time.  I found someone who was interested in adopting homeless and unwanted chickens.  I thought getting rid of 12 laying hens was going to be a big deal- instead I had three people calling me begging to come and get them!
So first thing Monday morning we kissed the chickens goodbye (figuratively, of course.  No one in their right mind would kiss a chicken.)  The man also took the nesting boxes, the concrete blocks from under them, the feed, the feed trays, the crushed shell stuff, the water bowls, the left-over wire, a book on chickens, and the DOORS off the pens!  He tried to take the roosts, but decided it was impractical.  I think if I had had a little more time, he would have deconstructed the chicken pens and taken the whole thing.
I got very hot and sweaty chasing chickens and prying staples loose from the wire.
We had to clean up in a hurry for an 11am appointment to pick up a microwave I found on the e-yardsales site.  On Masonboro Loop Road, for pete’s sake.  Drove back up home furiously to reach the Pharmacy- trying to get Neal’s meds transferred because he forgot ALL his prescriptions.
Went home to try and find a pharmacy where Neal is without a phone book or a map.  Left the kids in the car thinking this would take about ten minutes.  Realized they were probably roasting to death half-an-hour later & took them to Greenfield park to recuperate.  (Lunch on the road!)
Greenfield Lake was more beautiful than I have ever seen it.  The cypress trees were shedding their needles.  They floated down in great golden clouds with every breath of wind.  The park was carpeted in reddish brown duff that made all our voices sound soft.  The sun was flashing across the water and the ducks and the seagulls were amazing.  Everything was so beautiful I could hardly breathe.
A nice man with a toddler a little younger than Patrick shared his bread and the two boys fed the ducks.  The ducks, who are usually glutted and indiferent, were in fine appetite.  There must have been nearly 100 of them crowding around us preening and pushing and talking and flashing their colors.  The seagulls did daring swoops right above the boys’ heads.  One goose nearly caught a seagull in it’s mouth when it was grabbing for bread.  Pat’s laughter was as golden as the sun.
After the lake I drug four unwilling children to the Habitat Home Store to look for furniture for Neal’s new rental house.  Much crying and climbing on unsuitable objects.  At one point a man asked me. “Ma’am, are those your little cherubs banging on the piano?”
“Yes, if you want to call them that,” I admitted reluctantly.
“Can you get them to stop climbing on the furniture?”  I rolled my eyes at him and sent the kids outside.  When I heard hollering later I ignored it.  Purchased a leather recliner, a green brocade upholstered settee, a braided area rug in dark browns and reds, an iron wine rack, two lamps, and a set of botanical collection dishes that are incredibly beautiful.  Cost: $112.00.  Played on the man’s sympathy to get them to hold it until Friday when I could come back with the truck.
Donal bribed the little ones back into the car with lollipops and we headed for the next store.  Hand-Me-Downs wanted $200.oo for a “walnut” bookcase made of veneered plywood.  I declined, even though we desperately need another bookcase.  Hand-Me-Downs used to be a fantastic store until it changed hands.  The woman who runs it now is trying too hard to be upscale, but the furniture isn’t really any better than Goodwill’s.
Goodwill was next, where I purchased a trunk, a mohogany-stained printer table, and a really comfortable wooden chair.  The children were unbelievably whiny and exhausted.  I promised them pizza and movies, dropped Donal off at Blockbuster with cash and my card (Oh help!) and let Brenna hold my watch.  She timed me at 11 minutes to get in and out of Lowe’s Foods with frozen pizza, root beer, bread, milk, and two more nights worth of mac & cheese and canned ravioli.  I was smokin’!
I returned email while they watched Over The Hedge.  Tried to get a trundle bed & missed.  Did get the mattresses.  Made final arrangements to pick up a set of fire tools the next day between 10 & 6pm.  Tried to make arrangements about the mattresses & failed.  Picked up a message from Kaye saying we had a SHOWING on Thursday and completely freaked out.
Who looks for houses during Christmas hollidays?  I thought we were going to have the month of December off!  Began furiously calling around for a baby sitter.   We were supposed to leave for Myrtle Beach to see the in-laws Wednesday morning, so that gave me a little over 36 hours to clean the house, wash the clothes, do the yard, pick up the last of the furniture, pack and finish decorating for Christmas.  Felt like having a nervous breakdown but didn’t have time.
Tuesday was cleaning, cleaning, and still more cleaning.  The sitter arrived at 11:45 and I could have kissed her.  She was really terrific.  Brenna clung to her & refused to let her leave!  Donal spent most of the morning re-planting the back flower bed with 10 flats of pansies.  I got 3/4 of the house done, some laundry washed, and reserved a truck to drive to the new town on Friday.  Realized the moving truck has only three seats.  Panicked, and began calling friends to see who could keep two of my kids overnight on Friday.
When the sitter left, we had to rush back into the car.  Donal and I removed the middle seat and we went to pick up the recliner, settee, and wine rack.  On the second trip we got the fire tools, trunk & wooden chair.  (Dinner Out- Children beginning to groan and whine at the sight of the McDonalds sign.)  Tried to finish cleaning while they watched Over the Hedge (Yes- AGAIN!  Poor little TV addicts) and couldn’t.  Collapsed & watched with them & then sort of flung them all in bed and finished packing the suitcases.
Wednesday morning dawned sulky and bad-tempered.  We were supposed to leave at 10, but everyone seemed to be moving through mush except for me.  I had consumed so much caffeine my head was buzzing.  At eleven I threw a screaming tantrum and announced that I was sick of working my fanny off to take four little lie-abouts on vacation at the beach and if they wanted to go they’d better get up off their you-know-whats and help me.  Felt like a terrible ogre as I watched the older two cleaning and crying at the same time.  Even Patrick tried to help by throwing things we really needed in the trash and unwrapping two more Christmas presents.
By twelve, we were finally completely exhausted and mostly done.  Stuffed the children in the car hungry and informed them that we had to eat out again.  Had to put down a small rebellion, and drove to the post office while listening to more crying in the back seat.
We got really lost on the way to Myrtle beach.
Staying at my in-law’s condo thingy there was really nice.  For the first time in days I could sit down.  Doris took the kids to the playground and I collapsed for a nap.  The days would have been really perfect if I hadn’t forgotten Patrick’s diapers, Donal’s water-proof sheeting, and a couple more miscellaneous items.  I had to keep asking Richard to go back to the store.  Then Neal called and told me my bank account was empty, and there was no money to rent the house with so the move was off.
We stayed an extra day at the Condo, went to Ripley’s aquarium and I petted a sting ray!  And I took some really incredible movies of the kids going through the tunnel under the big shark tank.  It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.  Patrick learned the word “fish” and “shark”.  Mike was the champion ray petter.  Every time one surfaced he sprinted across the room and had his hand on it before it could submerge.  He looked like he’d been spray-washed by the time we were done.
We came home early Friday thinking we were going to get to collapse and found out we had another showing Saturday morning and that the agent hadn’t been able to get in touch with us to correct some things on our property diclosure.  More problems.  Had to drive to Leland to pick up the mattresses, which meant the car seats had to be taken out and in again.  While I was removing the car seats, a whole slew of cops pulled up on the corner sirens wailing.  They blockaded the road.  A neighbor went & talked to them & came back & told me to keep the kids off the street.  There was a crazy man with a gun holed up in one of the nearby houses!   Had to wait till things died down to go to Leland as I didn’t want to leave the older kids home alone & couldn’t fit all four plus mattresses in the car.
Neal made a flying trip home later to try & finish the den bannister (see “Bannister Blues” below.)   Unfortunately, when Neal had left on Monday, he’d left the shop locked.  We needed to get in to get the chicken supplies, so we’d broken in through a window.  One of the children apparently messed with his tools.  Neal came charging in to where I was slowly folding my way through a laundry mountain literally four feet tall and yelled about the kids touching his tools.  And I went off like a lit firecracker.  We spent the rest of Friday avoiding each other.  I went out and bought some groceries Friday night.  Michael inisisted on pushing the grocery cart and knocked down two displays.
Saturday (today) we got up and cleaned the house again.  Ate lunch out (again) because the showing went half-an-our over time.  I bought Neal a toaster at a yard sale while we were waiting.  Helped Mike buy his Christmas presents at the dollar store.  Made up with my husband.  Raked the yard.   Folded more laundry.
I have decided that all I want for Christmas is a week off!




2 responses

9 12 2007

Good gracious Angela. I hope you were at least sitting down while writing this post. I can’t imagine getting all of that done and still having enough of your wits about you to chronolog it.
Glad you and Neal made up. You may get that week off after all. 😉

9 12 2007

Now, I am exhausted from trying to keep up with your week. Boring is the last description I would give to a week like that one.

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