Word Surge

28 11 2007

Oh, people!  I have found a website that knows more words than I do!  Check out www.freerice.com

It’s a vocabulary game site (free, online) that claims to donate 10 grains of rice to impoverished countries for every word you get right.  My current high score is vocabulary level 49.  Think you can beat me?  Hah!

I’m going to get Neal a T-shirt that says “Uxorious Man” on it.

I knew crepitate, but missed pleonasm, oast, rogatory, natant, acarus, and volule.  Whew.  I think THEY got the wrong definition for incubus, but whatever.  It’s still cool.




4 responses

29 11 2007

I’m sure that I cannot beat your score (I was 35 after about 5 minutes, with lots of good guesses), but I am pretty confident that my pantry is more organized than yours! We each have our gifts, and vocabulary is not one of mine. But I do have my Christmas presents color coded for people and families!

29 11 2007

I am absolutely in AWE. You seriously color-code your wrapping paper? Hmmm… you know, you’re not just better organized, you’re thinner, better dressed, a better decorator, an infinitely better garderner, and in all probability (though only God knows for sure) a better mother than me. Your car is also cleaner.

I suppose the astonishing thing is that I manage to scrape my self-image far enough up off the floor long enough to be friends with you. This is due to your final wonderful quality- you’re also humbler than I am.

I’m going to go play the vocabulary game again- Lord knows I need to feel good at something right now!

29 11 2007
carolyn mejia

oh my good-googa-mooga.

JUST what i need — another obsession. thanks sooooo much angela.

so – – i’m hooked after 2 minutes and a high score of 36. but, i absolutely MUST go to sleep… it’s nearly 1am for pete’s sake! i really really really need to be productive tomorrow. which means i really shouldn’t try to beat your score at work, i guess. which means i have to wait until tomorrow night and pretend that i’m not ignoring my honey for some frivolous word fetish. really – – – not helping me here, anng- -g-ela. 😀

29 11 2007

I scored 41. I, too, was hooked instantly. Just what I need. Something else competing for my attention. What, 3 grandkids insn’t enough?

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