Rules I forgot to make:

28 11 2007

I remembered the important ones: look before you cross, wash before you eat, don’t hit, don’t bite, don’t walk downstairs with a pillowcase over your head, don’t spit, don’t cuss, and don’t look at me like that!

But here are a few I never thought to add to the list until they happened:

1- Don’t saw the basketball in half.
2- Don’t kiss the turtle on the lips.
3- Don’t put your mouth on the exhaust pipes of the cars in the parking lot.
4- Don’t stick your arms up to the elbow in them, either.
5- Don’t kick the chickens.
6- Don’t put Silly Putty in your hair and pretend it’s “earmuffs.”
7-Don’t put two baby chicks at the top of the slide and bonk them to make them try to fly and the winner hits the ground first.
8- Don’t put sticks in our guest’s gas tank.
9- Don’t stick your feet in the serving dish of macaroni and cheese just because I told you not to put your hand in!
10- Don’t ride the cat.
11- The piano is not a bank- don’t drop coins between the keys.
12- Don’t suck on the toilet plunger.
13- Don’t spraypaint the bushes silver.
14- Don’t throw scissors at your brother.
15- Don’t spray wasps nests with the hose.
16- Don’t use the hose as a drill and drill it twelve feet down into the sand until it becomes permanently imbedded in the lawn, either.
17- Don’t fill the dryer exhaust vent with water from the hose.
18- Don’t bend down and drink the water out of puddles in the parking lot.
19- Don’t swing on the pull cord of the ceiling fan.
20- Don’t get in the bathtub with your pajamas on.
21- Don’t go outside and climb trees in just your underwear and coat, I don’t care how long the coat is!

 If we could all follow these simple rules, just think how much easier life would be.

To quote one of my relatives, “They’re not bad kids, they’re just really busy!”




5 responses

28 11 2007
Grandma Wilhite

You missed #22. It’s “Don’t stick postage stamps on the bushes.”

This comes from an experienced mom. Stamps weren’t as expensive as they are now, but $6.00 would buy 12 loaves of bread!

But, don’t imagine you can think of enough things to tell them not to do!

28 11 2007

You have started my day with a smile. Thank you.

28 11 2007

I can hardly wait for Ed to finish his writing so I can read this list to him.
OH YEAH. You are right, Dory is cuter. But Ed is dependable.

29 11 2007

This is hilarious! I imagine when there are two little Printy’s running around I’ll have more to add to your list, too. You crack me up, Angela –

29 11 2007
carolyn mejia

he he. what did we ever laugh at before our kids came around?

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