New Page- Books I want, Christmas list

23 11 2007

I was browsing around and found some antique book sites that are better than Amazon.  I realized that good hardbound copies of some of my favorite authors are available for amounts between $2.00 and $20.00!  Hmmm….  Santa, are you listening?  After all, what do you get a woman who is crazy about books for Christmas?  (Well, sometimes my mother buys me clothes so I’ll stop wandering around in stained t-shirts and jeans with the knees out.)

 I’ve already made a couple lists of what I’m going to GIVE for Christmas, but I think I’ll break with tradition this year (and give my husband a break) and think of something I want.  Hmmm… a puppy?  Neal says I can’t have one until I move.  A tiara?  It would go well with my jeans!
      Seriously, I need a new trowel (Donal ripped the handle off my old one), a new alarm clock (same problem, different part).  I’d like something to play music in my kitchen, preferably that takes CD’s and is water-proof, idiot-proof, baby-proof and that shocks anyone under 18 who touches it.  I don’t have a light-weight jacket and I’d like one that makes me look like I’m involved in espionage, preferably with a big striped British scarf to go with it!  (If you’re trailing someone you take off the scarf and put on a hat and they think you’re a different person.  I read that in a book.) 
       I also need hats, and I need my friends and family to help me.  Once we have insurance again, I HAVE to do something about the cyst on my head.  They’re going to have to shave a patch of my hair, and I need some cool hats to wear while I’m healing & growing my hair back.  I tried to sew myself a hat, but it’s a little too small and it looks kind of stupid.  I really want one of those tweedy Irish Walking hats (the flat kind), but they cost upwards from $50.00.
          I always want good, smooth-writing pens in big packs, spiral-bound notebooks, and any kind of blank card or flowery stationary.  Oh- and a Statler Brother’s Christmas album!  Yeah, that’s wierd, but I can’t help it.  It can’t be any wierder than Garth Brooks wearing a cowboy hat over a bald head and thinking he’s hot.

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and can still fit in your pants!




One response

26 11 2007
Linda Miller

I got the list of books and will keep it for future reference. I didn’t know about a cyst that was giving you trouble. I’m assuming that you’ve had it checked out and found it’s safe to wait a bit. The hat you described sounded cool & so did the jacket. I’m totally intriqued by your new book references and hope to see it whenever you’re ready. I have great faith in your ability & creativity. Anybody reading your blog knows you can make us laugh or cry with your words. Love, Mom

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