Donal’s Blog & a little news!

20 11 2007

Hmmm… what could the news be?

 Check out the first entry in Donal’s brand new blog:

You won’t be sorry you did!




3 responses

20 11 2007
carolyn mejia

Aaaaaah!!!! GOLDSBORO! I can live with Goldsboro – – that’s just up the road. Yay!!! Congratulations. I think it’s a little funny he got a job working with a bunch of turkeys on thanksgiving. (ooops, that didn’t REALLY didn’t come out the way it sounded in my head. oh, well – can’t erase it now.)

Yay! 😀

20 11 2007

I want to thanc my mom for the help. With out her I coden’t do it

21 11 2007
Grandma Wilhite

Yay!! Do you know what the big industry in Camden is — after horses. Turkeys! Yep! There is a company named “Prestage”. They have a huge turkey business here. They start the baby turkeys and raise them until they get to a few pounds. Someone else raises them until they are “roasting sized”. I’m afraid out Thanksgiving turkey will be Prestage this time. But from now on — nothing but Butterball!

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