Is that what I think it is?

18 11 2007

bra12.jpg (click to make this larger!)

Yes, this year’s fashionable foundation garments will be decorated with Crayola scented markers in these adorable little dots!  (artwork by Patrick: age 1 3/4!)

Boys, boys, boys….
        Today, Michael wasn’t able to make it to the potty.  So he peed in Patrick’s shoes.  I would be more upset if I didn’t remember this phase from the two older ones.  Donal peed under the microwave, behind the couch, in the fireplace, and pooped on the sidewalk in front of our apartment.  Brenna contented herself with peeing in her laundry hamper for about six months.  The hamper was wicker, and situated over an in-floor heating vent.  We had the carpet cleaned twice, cleaned her mattress, used all kinds of air fresheners, and still couldn’t figure out why her room smelled like pee…. 
          At least I can put shoes in the washing machine.

         A neighbor from around the corner rang our doorbell this afternoon and asked, “Do you have a baby wearing a green and white striped shirt?”
         I was curious as to how she knew how he was dressed, but said, “Yes.”
         “We found him wandering around in that lot over there & wondered if you knew he was out.”
         Of course I didn’t!  I sprinted (in my slippers) through the mud of the construction site to pick up my wandering toddler.  He was dragging his blankie and sniffling sadly at this cold and inhospitable world where strangers picked him up and he couldn’t find his way back to the house. 
         I thanked the woman’s husband (who was guarding Pat) profusely and explained that the little darling had learned to open doors this week.  “You were making a break for it, weren’t you?” I asked the baby, kissing his damp cheek.  “Running away from home?”
         “Yep, he even packed his blankie!” Donal said.  “Good thing someone found him before he made it to the street.”
         I should have known the house was too quiet.




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