Balance, Feminism, and Good doing some stomping…

10 11 2007

        I had a little struggle before I wrote this one.  Is this the REAL me, or just the pretend me edited to earn people’s approval?  Decided perhaps it had better be the real me. 
        I read a certain amount of literature of which my church would not approve.  Among them, Ursula K. LeGuin’s Earthsea trilogy.  I enjoyed this last read-through on these books- had a lot of very interesting conversations with the Lord & took some notes.

       First of all- I am sick to death with hearing about “balance” and “restoring the balance.”  It’s in books, on TV, in kid shows… I turned on ETV and they had a new-age pastor giving a sermon on “balance.”  Yin, Yang, Y’know?  Good must be in balance with evil; Yoda (the little green darling) says that Anakin is “going to restore balance to the force.”
       Let me tell you, the only meeting of good and evil I want to see is good stomping evil’s head into the ground!  Who needs evil?  The heck with balance.  I want to see the good guys win every time.  The problem with this world isn’t that we’re out of balance- it’s that any amount of evil is too much to the person experiencing it.  I serve a God who is described three or four places like this: “God is ALL GOOD, there is no darkness in him at all,”  “He is all LIGHT, there is no darkness in him.”  My God is ALL GOOD, ALL THE TIME.  You tell me who, when they’re having a good loving time with their family, is going to reach out and slap someone to restore the “balance” of good and evil?  Ha!

         Closely related to this is the theme of Tehanu (the fourth book of the, ah, trilogy) and every single book ever written by Sherri S. Tepper.  Female vs. Male.  For some reason, feminist science fiction writers are the worst as they are free to create a world that reflects their ideology completely.  The theme is usually poor abused women whose lives have been dominated by evil men and are getting their own back in some small, pitiful, but vicious measure.  And boy don’t they deserve it after all the bad things THEY’VE done?
         First of all, I would like to point out that these men are not bad because they are MEN.  They are bad because they are EVIL.  And evil women are pretty horrible, too.  Being a woman does not give you an excuse to pursue evil, revenge, retaliation, or even wallow in disgusting self-pity.  Being abused doesn’t even give you the right to these things, I don’t care who abused you.
          Men were created by God to be good!  They are heros, artists, saviors, managers, healers, researchers, builders, and fathers.  They are not abusers, oppressors, manipulators and power hogs by nature.  That is the action of the enemy working within them.
         By the same token, women were created by God to be good!  They are  Healers, nurturers, growers, inventors, farmers, builders, creators, mothers and wives.  When they become addicted, abusive, shrill, hateful, spiteful baby killers, it is the action of the enemy!
         Feminists need some fresh revelation from God to see who the enemy actually is.

         At one point in The Tombs of Atuan (my favorite of the books), the hero makes a statement.  “Yes, there are powers of darkness, but we shouldn’t worship them.”  I think that statement sums up a very important fact that a lot of people on earth have lost sight of.  Evil is real.  The enemy of humanity is REAL.  When we stop believing in our adversary, we attribute all his actions to God.  And we get confused.  Why did God let this happen to me?  Why did God make me like this?  Why did God allow that to happen?  And we start to fear and distrust the great Goodness of the universe that made us and only wants to heal, help and save us.
         We have an ENEMY!  He likes to talk people into picking up guns and blowing away school children!  Satanists are real, satanic powers are real, demonic oppression will drive you to murder or suicide, and we need to stop worshiping them!   When people stopped believing in evil, it became impossible for them to believe in good.

         This is an incredible video a friend sent me that would make a perfect ending to this post.  Check it out. 




2 responses

10 11 2007

Angela, you have so much real information in you. Does that even make sense? I won’t speak for anyone else but I absolutely approve of you reading this kind of material… because this is what you do with it. You dissect it and get to the crux of the real issue. People who don’t understand or are afraid to believe the whole “good and evil” struggle can be reached by your experiences, your research and by how you present it on paper (er, i mean blog…oh, you know). You possess the valuable perspective of someone who has been through hell, understands it’s lies, knows the real truth and can tell someone the way out in a way they can understand. And that has the potential to radically change lives. And, that video… wow. So vivid. I usually don’t like over the top stuff like that… but that was powerful.

I am so glad you have a blog.

11 11 2007

That is it! That is exactly what happened to me in SC this year.Good vs evil; and the weird thing was that people felt compelled to keep the evil under cover. No one was willing to tell the truth and there by bring the evil into the light. Long story but, in the end, God prevailed.
Maybe you and Neal could teach us to play bridge sometime and we can talk about all kinds of stuff.
The God tube video had me in tears. Really good tears.

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