Run Ragged

25 10 2007

      Neal’s flying to Tennessee as I type.  He fretted so much over what to wear I got jealous.  What- we go out and he puts on any old thing, but OLIN deserves thirty minutes of fretting over what tie goes with what shirt?  And since when does Neal care about matching?  He tried on two outfits wanting to know what looked good to wear on the PLANE, for pity’s sake.   His final choice looked pretty chic and up-to-date for us.  I had a strong urge to try and make him late for his flight, resisted, and took the kids to Power of Play instead.

      Pat just woke up so I have to be quick- After two hours of “look at my baby,” “I wanna potty” and “He hit me!!!” I drug all seven kids home, fed them, washed them, found their stuff, and got three of them out the door and two down for a nap.  I was looking forward to half an hour’s snooze and a nice hot shower.  (Overslept this morning due to dark & rainy weather).  I didn’t more than lay down and get my eyes closed than Kaye called with a showing.  For tonight!  So while Neal is dining out with his hopefully future team at some swank restaurant, I’m going to be cleaning the house BY MYSELF (or, rather I WISH I was cleaning it by myself….) and taking the kids to McDonald’s.  I had hoped to make a grocery list today & get some food- all we have left in the fridge is condiments- but I guess I’m going to clean instead.

But first I’m getting a shower.  I DESERVE a shower, I WANT a shower, I NEED a shower (really badly to tell the truth) and NO ONE (however whiney) is going to stop me from getting one.  They can sit in the hallway and cry and pound on the door, but if I don’t wash my hair soon I will lose my mind.

    Thank you all for your prayers and your comments.  If this job falls through, I will probably get depressed again, but right now I’m really hopefull!




One response

26 10 2007
Linda Miller

Sighs of sympathy for all of you guys keep escaping as I read todays updates. It is so difficult to keep up with what you are doing. I understand that Neal’s appearance is vitally important to your future but I can really understand where you’re coming from, surely a shower is not too much to ask?

I hope the news from Neal’s end is good and the house is going to sell with all the shined up showings you’ve been producing. Like you’ve said, someone will fall in love just like you did.

Give each other big hugs, you all so deserve them.


Mom & Dad

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