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24 10 2007

     I despaired today.  Sat on the couch and sobbed and prayed and accused God of wanting us to lose our house.  Neal had three phone interviews.  All technical, which is like taking a test on everything he knows about SAP.  After three and a half hours, he was pacing the room and laying on the bed and racking his brain.  He was exhausted and discouraged.  I was exhausted and discouraged.  We had one hour to get the house ready to show and everyone in the house was worn out.
       How long can we keep this up?  I should have more faith.  I should have more faith that God is working this all out according to his good plan.  Why am I still so afraid he will forget me?  Or that he doesn’t consider things like foreclosures serious enough to bother with?  My chief fear in all this is losing the down payment & equity money we have in our house.

     Anyhow, about the time I felt like I couldn’t stand another minute of this, well enough another month, one of the companies called back.  They had been pretty discouraging with Neal on the phone, saying they had a lot of process to go through.  Six more people to interview, etc…  Then they called twenty minutes before the showing wanting Neal to come interview on Friday!!!  Which will teach me a lesson- I almost wouldn’t let the recruiter talk to Neal.  The poor man was begging, “Well, can I PLEASE call him on his cell phone?”  I said, “He’s not on his cell phone, he’s vacuuming my living room!  We have a showing in 20 minutes!”
       It’s a chemical company in Cleveland Tenessee, near Gatlinburg.  They’re flying him up Thursday & interviewing on Friday.  The tech team wants to have dinner with him Thursday night!  Isn’t that sweet?  I’ve never heard of a company that wanted to do that before.
      We would still prefer Lynchburg, but they’re making really slow noises, saying they wouldn’t even be ready to make an offer for another month.  We can’t wait to see if they’ll make their minds up.  (Well, unless we can’t help waiting.  I mean, if we don’t have a job, what can we do but wait?) 
      Cleveland would be a second best, but if Neal likes the job, it would be a good second.  We like the area.  We just don’t like the idea of being so far from family.  Of course, if we don’t get a job soon, we might be a little TOO close to family- like living in their garage.  My loving sis, who has a tiny 2-BR condo in Richmond has invited us to live with her. 
“We’ll manage somehow!” she proclaimed optomistically.  After all, someone can always sleep in the bathtub, right?
      It would have to be better than living out of our van.

      Those of you who pray, please pray for us.  My faith is feeling kind of ragged, like a worn out sneaker.  Lisa told me a verse yesterday that I have been repeating over and over today (sometimes at the top of my lungs):  “Let the PEACE of Christ RULE in your heart…” Col3:15
       Oh Christ, rule in me!  Rule in me!  Forgive my unbelief, and keep me in perfect peace as I keep my mind fixed on you.  Help me not to be afraid, help me not to worry, help me not to give in to imaginations, but to look at the fact that TODAY my needs are provided for, TODAY I have nothing that I lack.  If I can just keep my eyes on TODAY, I won’t be afraid.  It’s all the tomorrows ganging up on me that’s upsetting my balance.
       “Sufficient to the day are the troubles thereof…” and today I have everything I want.  I have a house that is clean, healthy children, my beloved husband, money in the bank, loving friends and family, and best of all- a new bag of library books!  My cup runneth over!
        I need to do that more often- write my blessings list.  And YOU are on it- it’s a blessing to me every time someone tells me that they read my blog!




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24 10 2007

I read your blog! I am praying for you my friends. My hope is that I will be reading all about your new home and Neal’s fabulous new job soon.

24 10 2007

I’m excited for the news on Friday!! It is not unusual to have dinner with a close knit team before being hired. We’ve done that before. Good luck Neal!!!

25 10 2007
carolyn mejia

sigh… i prayed for you all just now. i don’t have anything more comforting to say than that except we love you guys and wish you didn’t have to go. ok – maybe that wasn’t exactly comforting – – but true none the less. i’ll be praying for neal tomorrow. i set a reminder on my phone so i won’t forget.

there – a comment for you – – that’s got to feel a little better, huh?

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