New Book, Total lack of Job updates

15 10 2007

      I am very, very excited!!!  I’ve been working on, ahem, my first book.  I emailed drafts of the first few pages around to a couple people, but the silence was deafening.  So I read it to my favorite test audience: my ten-year-old son.  I especially loved the way he thrashed around and bit the pillows on my bed when he got excited over the fight scene.  I love reading to Donal!  He gets so excited about things.
      So I’ve sat up late the last two nights and done a couple more scenes, introduced two more main characters and had some really beautiful description.  I’ve never written so easily!  I always seem to have something to say next.  I’ve been sneaking up the stairs after the kids’ bedtimes (or even a little before) to beat Neal to the computer.  Ha ha ha!!!  And he’s been very gracious about trying to sleep with a pillow over his head because I really bang when I’m typing.  (Those strong piano-trained fingers, I guess.)

Oh, and no job yet.  The guy Neal wanted to do contract work through isn’t returning his calls any more.  What’s going on?  We get two companies that promise to send an offer in a few days, and two weeks later, there is still no offer.  We’ve had two other companies do background checks, he’s done about six phone interviews, two face-to-face, everyone’s been so positive… and then nothing.  DAK in Leland, in particular, has been acting very strange.   They had a third party company checking out Neal’s resume.  They’ve been calling here saying, “We can’t find any proof that you took your degree,” and “That company has no record of your employment,” and so on.  Neal keeps faxing them proof, records, transcripts… but they won’t even return his calls anymore, and neither will DAK.  It’s confusing.  What’s going on?  Neal has got to be the most reliable, honest, hard-working man I have ever met.  He has falsified NOTHING, been convicted of NOTHING, been accused of NOTHING… and yet we have this problem.
       I am taking DEEP BREATHS and trusting in GOD who guards the reputations of those who rely on Him.




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15 10 2007

I have not read past the first paragraph. The last two times I saw you, I meant to tell you my thoughts on your story and the thought went right out of my head when we started talking. Bad, bad friend. Ok, I have slapped my wrist and now I want you to know that I think you are amazing. I like Jack already, like the way he sees things and interprets his life so far. I like the way he got his name and I am interested to see what kind of man he will grow to be and the adventures he will encounter in his life. There. I am going back to finish reading your blog now.

16 10 2007

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you guys!

17 10 2007
Linda Miller

How wonderful to hear you’re writing a book!! Donal loves to hear you read anytime and to hear a book that you’re creating will be so exciting for both of you. No wonder the writing is coming so naturally & easily, its a perfect situation.

I am upset at the way Neals resume is being treated, too. We all know that it is true and I’ve sent your blog address to Jack in hopes that he can investicate what kind of information is out on the sites.

Love you all and I’m waiting anxiously for my chance to read your new book.


18 10 2007

I saw a few jobs up in the MA area…on or yahoojobs. There are some IT jobs in FL but I’m not sure of the specialty or if there even is one.

18 10 2007

Found this – thought you might take a glance at it

18 10 2007

oops – and this one

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