Odds & Ends, a win, a necklace, and some gum.

14 10 2007

It’s been an up and down kind of day.  All the tensions are getting to us, I think.  Neal and I had a flaming spat yesterday and had to kiss and make up at Tex & Ruthie’s.  We stayed late.  My knee was aching badly.  They prayed for me, but someone wasn’t holding their mouth right or something, because it isn’t any better today. 
       This morning, I was kneeling, taking a load of laundry out of the washer, and I felt something pop.  After that, every time I put any real weight on it, it had that funny bone electric feeling.  And it hurt.  We were in the last thirty minutes of count-down to a showing and I couldn’t walk!  Thanks be to God the realtor called to reschedule.  Donal helped me upstairs and Neal put me to bed for a nap.  He commented that it was no fun at all undressing me if I were going to keep wincing and acting miserable!
      The pain comes and goes depending on how much I use it.  Frustrating.  If something is injured you expect it to stay INJURED, not wobble back and forth between fine and wretched like an intoxicated butterfly.  So one minute I’m running around gleefully, and the next minute I feel like someone is pulling the joint apart.  Sigh.

     On the positive side, I had a dreamy, pleasant morning before the washer incident.  I love this nice weather, and after having seven kids all week, four was a very light burden.  Michael wanted to earn some money to buy a “toy at McDonald’s” so I gave him some little jobs to do.  He scrubbed some scuff marks off the floor, opened a package of chalk and organized the box and took some laundry down.  For this he was rewarded with thirty six cents.  He kept anxiously taking the money out of his pocket to count and admire it.  To him, 36 cents is really just “four monies.”
       I let him take the coins (the ones he hadn’t already lost, at least) to the grocery and buy a big ball of gum out of the candy machines.  The first machine ate his quarter.  He was absolutely devastated!  He had worked very hard scrubbing and cutting and unwrapping and making sure all his trash was put away!  It was his first real wages.  Eaten by a machine!  We went and told the sad story to Elaine, my favorite cashier at Food Lion, and she graciously wrote a note for her cash drawer and gave us a new quarter.  Crisis averted.
      I really do like Food Lion in general.  When Elle magazine put a picture of a naked model on the front of the magazine, the Food Lion manager was very obliging about removing it from the racks.  A lot of places wouldn’t do that.  I haven’t gotten them to budge on the issue of carrying meat not previously soaked in preservative sauce, but I’m still working on them.

       To answer Jeannie’s question, no, we still have not sold the house.  And no, Neal still has no job.  He’s started looking for contract work.  He’s hoping to continue the interview process and step into a permanent job as soon as the contract is over.  It’s all more difficult that going straight into a real job, but what can we do?  Bills must be paid, children must be dressed, and groceries must be purchased.  Someone stole a full tank of gas out of Neal’s truck last night.  I drove my poor old van until the gas was so low I had to gun the engine to get it to start!  Have you ever heard of that before?  I’ve driven some until I coasted into the station after it quit, but I’ve never had one with gas enough to run but not enough to turn the engine over.  Anyhow, I filled it up tonight, and as long as our neighbors with the siphons don’t visit, we’re ok.

        The best part of the day (other than a nice long nap with my knee propped up on a pillow) was The Rock Women’s event tonight.  It was really neat- they had lots of silk flowers and tissue paper and ribbon and stuff on the tables.  There was a table with food items, and a table with card-making supplies.  We were put in teams of six and challenged to decorate our own table, make place cards, and produce a plate of hors-d’oeuvres in fourty five minutes.  Then they sent judges around to grade our work. 
       My favorite table was the one where they wrapped the flowers up like a bouquet in gauzy gold cloth and laid it across the center piece.  There was another table with the vase upside down over an arrangement of flowers stuck in styrofoam.  It was much more elegant that I’m making it sound, though.  Very clever. 
      The most amazing part of the evening was that my team won!!!  Of course, we had Barbara Miller doing the food, and if anyone knows food, she does!  And Karen Corey with another lady, very crafty, did very cute place cards.  I went all around the room, and I think ours were the fanciest.  A couple other ladies did a very nice centerpiece for us, and I cut silly placemats out of paper.  It was fun.   It was worth it to see Barbara Miller jumping up and down in circles and screaming over the win!  But my prize was really beautiful.  It was a silver necklace made of three strands with tiny green and silver stones spaced out on it.  Heike came and clasped it around my neck and Carolyn gave me a thumbs up and I felt like the queen of the universe (even if I was wearing jeans!).  So I had a wonderful time.  (All this and Heaven too….)
      Unfortunately, I got so excited doing the challenge at the church that I was moving pretty briskly around the room, and now my knee is throbbing so bad I can’t sleep.  (This post brought to you by the Insomnia Corporation, Ltd.)  I’m going to go see if I can dig my hot water bottle out of the garage and take some ibuprofen. 
      All told, the good with the bad, I’d have to say it was worth it!  I’m wearing my necklace to church tomorrow.




3 responses

14 10 2007

Oh, I wish I could have been there! I’m having a great time on vacation, but it would have been nice to see you having so much fun!

See you when I get back – I’ll be praying for your knee…

14 10 2007

Just to see all of the ladies having such a great time was worth all the running around I did finding “supplies” for the challenges. And, to read how much you enjoyed the event is icing on the cake for me! You did look great in the necklace!


15 10 2007

I thought I saw you limping away after I spoke to you this morning! Ed is still limping because of his knee too. I love the title of this one! I will be praying for the job situation. We know that God has a plan and that it is a good plan for your family. Could it just be soon Lord?

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