Sweating to Death- notes from The Cliffs of Neuse

24 09 2007

       Mistake #1- Letting the kids plan the campout.
       Mistake #2- Planning on swimming to escape the muggy afternoon heat without finding out if the swimming & boating concession stayed open after labor day.
       Mistake #3- Not checking the campsite for poison ivy.
       Mistake #4- Not checking the stream for snakes before letting the children wade.
       Mistake #5- Leaving the tent fly rolled back so I could fall asleep counting stars.
       Mistake #6- Only bringing six clean outfits for the baby.
       Mistake #7- Walking out in the mud of the Neuse river edge while wearing my watch, clean clothes, and tennis shoes.
       Mistake #8- Letting the baby stand next to the hot iron grill while the hamburgers were cooking.
       Mistake #9- Not bringing any pain medication strong enough to deal with a migraine.
      Mistake #10- Trying to wash my 4-year-old’s pooped-in underwear out in the camp toilet.
      Mistake #11- Trying to hike with my unpredictable bad knee.
      Mistake #12- Arming Mike with a marshmallow toasting fork and failing to duck.
      Mistake #13- Not warning Brenna to pull the marshmallow OFF the fork with her fingers, rather than putting the red-hot metal in her mouth.
       Mistake #14- Paying for two nights at the campsite in advance.

 I can only think of three good things to say about the whole weekend: 1) there were no mosquitos.  2) I fell asleep praying & listening to the owl’s melancholy hymnmaking in the pine forest.  3) None of the spiders crawled on me while I was taking a shower after my little “dip” in the river.

Other amusing things: There were tree frogs living in the sink of the bathhouse.  When you’d lean down to spit out your toothpaste, a little head with gleaming eyes would pop out of the drain hole.  It kind of freaked me out the first couple of times.
        The Cliffs of the Neuse state park is famous for the high mud cliff carved out by a river bend.  They sort of neglect to mention on the website that you can’t see the cliffs from the overlook trail.  The top is completely overgrown with trees.  You can barely see the river, well enough the cliff itself.  The steps to the bottom of the cliff have collapsed and are barricaded off.  If you go past the cliffs down a steep hill (leaning on your son’s shoulder because you’re in great pain from a bad knee) you can get to the river’s edge.  You cannot, however, walk back up the river to the cliff because of the big snag where the steps have collapsed.  If your gung-ho enthusiastic husband proposes that you try to wade or swim past the snag assuring you that snapping turtles are not dangerous predators and there are no alligators around, and you try to check the depth of the water to see if the children could possibly make it, you will find out that it drops off very suddenly and get rather slimy and wet.




2 responses

24 09 2007

Sounds interesting. Was this a family vacation or a family triathelon? I can just picture all of you. lol

25 09 2007

This made us all laugh…PB read this to us from his IPhone during our staff meeting this morning – great Monday morning stuff. Sorry you had so many mishaps on your trip – but it makes for great memories and something hilarious to blog about! We love you, Angela…

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